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Unique and Useful Housewarming Gifts From Your Local Asheville Moving Company


Having moved in the past, you understand the stress involved when someone goes through the Asheville moving process. To help take the edge off following a move, you can do something nice by giving that individual a heartfelt housewarming gift. Not only will that person appreciate your kind gesture, he or she will also love how the item brightens the new house.


Excellent Housewarming Gift Ideas From A Top Asheville Moving Company


Even when people hire a reputable company to assist with their Asheville moving needs, it is typical to feel overwhelmed. While the professional movers eliminate stress throughout the moving process, you have the opportunity to welcome the friend or family member to the new home with one of the housewarming gifts listed below.


  • Trees or Outside Plants – For a newly built house or an existing one with little to no greenery, a tree or outdoor plant is the gift that keeps on giving. Because everyone has a different idea for landscaping, make sure you discuss this before buying anything. That way, the individual has a say in what you select.
  • Shaded Swing – If you have a flexible budget, a shaded swing is ideal. After all, the summers in Asheville are hot and humid. With the Asheville moving process complete, the individual can relax in the shade. For a more restricted budget, a backyard hammock is another excellent idea.
  • Personalized Doormat – Whether you choose a doormat with the person’s last name or one that features a special message, the recipient will love this gift.
  • Terrarium – Instead of conventional indoor greenery, choose a beautiful terrarium that includes many of the person’s favorite plants.
  • Coffee Gift Basket – This gift is perfect for the morning after the Asheville moving experience. Include the appropriate number of cups based on how many adults live in the home, gourmet flavored coffee, different flavored creamers, chocolate-covered coffee beans, and a box of shortbread cookies.
  • Birdfeeder – If your friend or family member enjoys spending time outside feeding or watching the birds, you cannot go wrong with a birdfeeder. Although there are thousands of different sizes, shapes, designs, and colors, choose something that matches the person’s personality or even the style of the home.


Unbelievable Moving Services

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