Lump Sum Payments for Employee Relocations

Employee Relocations in Asheville, NC

The Benefits of Lump Sum Payments for Employee Relocations in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

If you have an upcoming move via your place of employment, employee relocations and lump sum payments are offered by companies to help streamline the move. If you have moved before with your current company, or this is your first employee relocation, here is Gapserson Moving & Storage’s professional movers’ advice about the benefits of lump sum payments for employee relocations.


What is a Lump Sum Payment?

A move can be a lot of work, but some companies are able to assist with the process by providing employees with a lump sum payment. A lump sum payment is an agreement with a company that provides either a cash payment to the employee or a sum paid directly to the moving company to go towards the employee’s relocation. Lump sum payments can cover the move’s expenses in full or partially. This opportunity helps the employee transition to a new location by letting the professional movers handle the move while the employee can focus on the transition and keep up with their work.

A professional moving company is here to pack, disassemble furniture, and even provide storage as needed while the move is ongoing. These benefits help the move be completed stress-free while the movers complete each step of the move for you from packing, pick-up, delivery, storage, and more. During this process, let your movers know what they can do to make your move easier for you during your estimate and throughout the move. If the budget allows for a full-service move, consider the time you will save and the energy you will be able to focus on work during the transition if your movers pack for you.

A lump sum payment for employee relocations will help smooth the transition of your move and relieve the employee of the stress and worry a move might create. This agreement between you, the company, and the movers, will all work together to complete your move in no time.


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