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Moving with Pets – Tips From Your Local Asheville Movers

When choosing Asheville movers, you want to hire a full-service company with many years of experience; this ensures peace of mind that the movers can handle any residential move, big or small. In addition to the physical move, the right company will gladly offer information and tips for different scenarios. For instance, if you plan to move with pets, a reputable moving company will share information to make it safer and less stressful.


Helpful Tips


  • Vaccinations / Health Certificate – Make sure your pets are up-to-date on all shots. If moving to a different state, also obtain a health certificate from the vet: many states require this when crossing a state line with animals. To avoid any issues, carry both a health certificate and proof of your pet’s vaccination status.
  • New Veterinarian – For a long-distance move, professional Asheville movers recommend you find a reputable vet before moving. If an animal becomes ill while traveling, you would have a trusted place to go.
  • Tags – Visit your local pet supply company to make tags for your pet’s collar that include the animal’s name, your new address, and phone number. If for some reason your animal becomes lost in transit or takes off after arriving at your new home, there is an excellent chance of getting it back.
  • Lease Tethering – Not tethering an animal in the car is one of the biggest mistakes that pet owners make when moving with an animal. For this, loop one end of the leash through something secure in the vehicle, pulling the clasp end through the handle. Securing the clasp to the collar or harness ensures safety. If your car crashed, the animal could not escape when first responders open the door. When stopping for gas or food, there is no way for the animal to run away. Crating your pet is another option.
  • Acclimation – Top Asheville movers suggest taking your pets inside the home on a leash or in a crate so that you can introduce them to the new house Once inside with all the doors securely shut, allow the animal to investigate. Even with a backyard, use a leash initially, taking time to inspect the fence for any holes.


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