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Green Moving Tips to Ensure an Eco-Friendly Move

Considering the increasing number of individuals and businesses interested in making environmentally-friendly choices, it should come as no surprise that many professional moving companies now offer “green” solutions. These packers and movers want to do things that improve the environment while meeting the demands of the customers who prefer eco-friendly options.


Tips to Ensure an Eco-Friendly Move From Your Local Packers and Movers:


  • Boxes and Containers – Take advantage of containers you already have on hand. For example, you can use dresser drawers, suitcases, pillow cases, duffel bags, reusable totes for grocery shopping, and so on. As for boxes, either purchase recycled products or dumpster dive for those in excellent condition. When finished, return them to a recycling drop-off bin or facility or store them for future use.
  • Packing Materials – Like containers and boxes, use your creativity to come up with environmentally-friendly packing materials. Some of the best options include clothing, linens, and blankets. Newspapers or old magazines you have on hand work great for wrapping breakables.
  • Donate, Sell, and Recycle – Before the packers and movers show up, donate, sell, and recycle any unwanted or unused items. In addition to making an eco-friendly choice, your action will benefit someone else and reduce the weight of the load when moving, thereby saving you money.
  • Kitchen Last – Instead of packing all your plates, bowls, cups, and eating utensils, leave enough out to accommodate the family. That decision eliminates the need to purchase paper or plastic products to get by temporarily.
  • Fewer Trips – Whether using a rented moving truck or several vehicles, pack them as full as possible to reduce the number of trips you make between one location and another. That way, you spend less fuel, which saves you money and reduces air pollution.
  • Eco-Friendly Moving Company – When hiring professional packers and movers, choose a company committed to eco-friendly business practices. As part of that, it should use trucks that run on biodiesel fuel, as well as recycled boxes and packing materials. It should also have a highly efficient team that can get all your possessions moved in one load.


Your Most Reliable Source

At Gasperson Moving & Storage, we can support your request for an eco-friendly move. Our professional packers and movers will streamline the moving process, thereby eliminating unnecessary stress and chaos. For help with your upcoming move, please call us or visit our website. We would appreciate the chance to serve you as a valued customer.

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