How to Properly Pack Up a Kitchen

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Tips from Expert Movers in Asheville, NC on Packing Up a Kitchen


As professional movers in Asheville, NC, Gasperson Moving & Storage can attest to the fact that packing up a kitchen is one of the most challenging and dreaded tasks when moving. Considering all the small appliances, drawers of eating and cooking utensils, cabinets full of dishes, and a pantry and refrigerator filled with food, that makes perfect sense. Fortunately, there’s a strategic way to save yourself time and effort.


  • Have Quality Supplies – If you decide to pack things up yourself rather than using expert movers in Asheville, NC, make sure you have quality boxes of varying sizes, packing paper, and tape. You’ll also need good cutting scissors and a permanent marker. Using the marker, write the letter “k” for “kitchen” on each followed by a number. Also, write a summary of the items inside, i.e., “glasses,” “boxed food,” and so on.


  • Properly Label All Items – A labeling system allows you to compare the number of boxes the movers in Asheville, NC, loaded to what they delivered. Then, you can use the description of items to streamline the unpacking process. As for packing materials, never skimp on quality. Instead, you want paper as well as bubble wrap to protect breakable items.


  • Separate Items Being Donated or Thrown Away – The best movers in Asheville, NC, recommend that before you pack or while in the process of packing, place anything you no longer want or need in a separate box for donation, to pass down to family, or to toss in the trash. Remember, the fewer items you take with you, the more money you’ll save.


  • Safely Pack Small Appliances – When packing small appliances, place them in their original boxes if you still have them. Otherwise, use extra tape on the moving box for added security and always place the heavier items on the bottom. Use packing material or things like towels and sweatshirts to fill gaps inside the box to prevent the appliances from shifting during transport.


  • Use Extra Packing Materials on Dishes – Rather than placing glass plates and bowls flat inside boxes, trusted movers in Asheville, NC, suggest placing them on their sides instead. By using extra packing material or soft items you have at home to fill up void areas inside the box, your dishes will arrive at your new home undamaged.


  • Use Containers to Pack Items – Another kitchen packing tip is to utilize containers for non-breakable goods you already have such as suitcases, laundry baskets, and hampers. Keep in mind that the more organized you are with the packing aspect of the move, the easier the unpacking will be. Of course, if you need assistance, work with reputable movers in Asheville, NC, that will pack and unpack on your behalf.



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