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Advice for Moving into Your First Apartment


Moving into your first apartment is both exciting and a little stressful. As this is a new experience, you have no idea what to expect other than what people told you. With years helping people settle into first homes, the top movers in Asheville have provided some helpful advice as you embark on this next chapter of your life.

Thanks to the information shared by reputable movers in Asheville, you will find the process of settling in easier. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you will have a sense of pride as you enjoy the process.


Helpful Advice


  • Lay of the Land – Spend time walking around the apartment complex to get a feel for its layout. Specifically, you should know the location of the office, laundry facility, fitness center, and swimming pool. Familiarizing yourself with the property increases your comfort level.


  • Essential Phone Numbers – Be sure to have important numbers within easy access, including the office (both business- and after-business-hour numbers), maintenance, nearest hospital, and so on. Although there is no reason to anticipate needing them, it helps to have them handy just in case.


  • Mail and Package Delivery – As explained by the best movers in Asheville, every complex has a unique set of rules when it comes to mail and package delivery. Find out where your mailbox is and pick up the key from the office. Also, inquire as to how the staff deals with deliveries. For instance, will the courier leave them at your doorstep? Do they get left at the office, and, if so, does someone put a note on your door? For items left outside your apartment unattended, consider renting a P.O. box for security reasons.


  • Utility Connection – Roughly two to three weeks before the movers in Asheville show up to load and transport your possessions, contact the applicable utility companies to turn on your services. Typically, this includes electricity, gas, water, sewer, trash, internet and cable, and landline phone, if used. Keep in mind that some apartments include certain utilities as part of the rent, so find out beforehand.


  • Personalized Entryway – Even if you have an apartment that sits adjacent to others, you can still give the entryway personality by placing one or more potted flowers outside, using a personalized doormat, adding a wreath on the exterior of the front door, and so on.


Seamless Transition


Whether you are moving into your first apartment or your 10th home, Gasperson Moving & Storage has the experience and expertise to ensure a seamless process.

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