Tips for Moving Precious Fine Art and Antiques

How to Move Your Valuables to Your New Homemovers in asheville, nc

Moving to a new home can be very stressful. Having to plan when you’ll move, buy packing materials, and all of the other logistics of a move is a lot to handle. On top of that, if you have fine art and antiques, those items will take extra care to transport safely. However, our movers at Gasperson Moving and Storage have the best tips to make sure all of your items arrive safely.

Research and Plan Ahead

In order to allow yourself enough time to properly prepare your collection, it’s generally best to start packing as soon as you can before a move. You should schedule time for preparation and research, which includes getting moving quotes and measuring your artwork. Once you’ve chosen a date that works for you and your artwork, it’s critical to take an inventory before moving day. Inventory maps and records will be needed to itemize your items both throughout travel and once they arrive at their destination. Make sure to inform your movers if any specific insurance is necessary.

Keep Furniture in One Piece

It is best to keep everything in tact given the range of unique fastening and construction methods employed in antique furniture. You run the risk of harming the item and lowering its value by attempting disassembly. As a result, it’s best to get advice from an expert in antique furniture.

Protect Your Fine Art

Any time you need to transfer a larger or more delicate piece of art, you should always hire professional movers. It will be possible to transfer the artwork without endangering it by doing this. When packing smaller items, set the item down on a flat surface first before wrapping it with bubble wrap. Make sure to properly wrap all surfaces before packing the artwork in a moving box (including the back of the object). The wrap should then be taped shut. Large pieces of artwork, mirrors, or other multi-paneled artwork may need to be removed from their frames; once again, only do this with the help of a professional. For increased protection, it is usually better to pack artwork in a customized crate.

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