Moving Companies of Choice

Moving companies

When you finally make that decision to move, it’s essential to note that there are numerous moving companies, although they are not all the same. With Gasperson Moving & Storage, our clients are assured of the best moving services.  We acknowledge that every move is different and unique, which is why our team of professional movers is able to create an experience tailored to our clients’ budget, needs, and schedule.

If you are moving offices, Gasperson Moving & Storage can provide planning services, offer moving personnel, vehicles, and any other equipment that will ensure the move is completed safely and efficiently. We have over 75 years in local and long-distance moving, making us one of the most experienced moving companies in the United States.

Whether you need to move a single office or require an entire floor to be reconfigured, our professionals can work with you to complete the project within schedule and budget. Gasperson Moving & Storage can help with the planning and phasing, aspects which are critical when it comes to reconfiguring larger internal offices.

In addition to that, we can offer both packing and unpacking services to our customers. These services can be done for file rooms, warehouse, supply rooms, and libraries. To make sure that this is properly done, our professionals will use a labeling system to ensure proper placement of all items at the new location. Gasperson Moving & Storage will use specialized equipment such as the inventory carts and library carts to ensure the materials are transported safely. During the move, stretch-wraps is commonly utilized to ensure the items do not get damaged or lost.

Being one of the most experienced and reputable moving companies, we also offer third party services. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about any of the following:

  • Security services
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Pre- and post-move cleaning
  • Furniture touch-up services
  • Electronic reconnect and disconnect services

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