There are some aspects you’ll need to consider when CLimate Controlled Storage | Asheville, NC you plan to rent a storage unit such as how much storage you are going to require, the type of storage you need, and whether you’ll be storing your goods on a temporary or permanent basis. Another essential consideration is whether or not you are going to require a climate controlled storage unit. For this kind of storage option, you’ll need to consider the following factors:

What Stuff Are You’re Planning to Store?

When you think about climate control, you are probably thinking about those items that are valuable such as antique, fragile tapestries and painting. However, as much as value is critical, not everything valuable need to be stored here. There are other inexpensive, yet personal items such as family photos, prized books and crucial documents that can be stored in a climate-controlled unit. Anything that is subject to yellowing, mold, mildew, or wrinkling in damp conditions can be stored in these storage spaces.

What’s The Value of Your Item?

Where possible, assess the dollar value of the items you want to store and ensure they are insured against any potential damage. In most cases, the household insurance does not cover items that are stored outside your home, so make sure you review the policy given to you by your insurer and find out whether an additional cover is required.

If your items have sentimental value, you need to hire a facility that offers optimum security against theft or damage.

For How Long Will You Be Storing?

The climate controlled storage is not a suitable option if you plan to store for a short period. It all depends on how long you intend to store your items, the reason you’ll be storing, and the possibility of water damage.

The weather is usually unpredictable, changing from rain to snow within a short period. The weather is a huge consideration when choosing a climate controlled facility if you are sure there’ll be a wet and cold weather.

Check the Facilities before Renting

In addition to enhanced security, your climate controlled storage facility should have an option for adjusting temperatures. Ask your service providers the questions you would ask when seeking other services such as moving or the ordinary storage options. You can find out whether or not your chosen facility offers insurance for your items or what type of coverage they offer so you can be confident that your goods are secured.

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