Office Relocation Problems & How to Avoid Them

Reliable Tips on Office Relocation Problems & How to Avoid Them in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

Your company’s move is just around the corner and your office is wondering where to begin. There are many people involved in a move and you need to be ready for the movers once they get here, and once you pick which company to hire as well. Here are Gapserson Moving and Storage’s professional movers’ top tips on how to tackle office relocation problems and how to avoid them in Asheville, NC.

  • Don’t Rush – Do not rush and plan ahead for the office relocation. Notify your employees of the move, when they should begin packing, and when the move out day is. Look at moving companies a few months ahead of the move and complete estimates with several to get a good quote on their services. Rushing last minute can cause a slew of mistakes that can cost you and your employees. Think ahead and plan first.
  • Work with an I.T. Professional – For technology, if you have an I.T. support, or you would like to hire a moving company with I.T. capabilities, do so. Your information will need to be backed up before the move begins. Monitors will need to be wrapped into moving blankets and all the wires need to be handled by a professional who knows what belongs to what. At your new office, your or the moving company’s I.T. professional can set everything up for you after the move is complete.
  • Organization is Key – As the planning begins, stay organized. Make a space where you can put items being moved, thrown away, or donated. Make this area out of the way to reduce the chances of tripping or injury. To avoid injury, make sure you plan a meeting with your staff to discuss safe moving and packing protocol. Make sure boxes are not packed too heavy, use the right materials to avoid accidents, do not pick up items incorrectly or strain yourself. Most injuries are preventable and in most cases, let the professionals handle it.

Stay organized, calm, and ahead of the game when planning for an office relocation. If you are reading this blog, you are already a few steps ahead! Keep your employees informed and be ready for the big day.


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House Movers Talk About Fears You May Have Heading into a Move

Professional Tips from House Movers on Fears You May Have Heading into a Move in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

An upcoming move can be the source of lots of stress and worries. No matter if you are moving the next street over or long-distance, there are lot of fears while facing a move. To help you assuage those worries, here is Gasperson Moving & Storage’s professional house movers’ advice about these fears and how to prepare for the move.

  • Discovering a New Place – Moving can be scary. That’s why it is important to look for something positive in the experience. Prepare yourself by looking up things to do in the new area, go explore local cuisine, parks, and more.
  • Fear of Financial Mishap – Moving is a huge financial commitment. What if you are making a mistake? While you plan, create a budget to save up for and execute the move. Knowing your budget and limits will help ease these worries and make you feel more prepared.
  • Leaving Friends and Family – A move, especially a long-distance one, means you must say goodbye to your friends and family. As you get ready to say goodbye, use this moment to reflect on why you are moving and if it is for the right reasons. It’s normal to feel a mess of emotions now. Fear creates much of the sadness and confusion, it’s all a part of the transition.
  • Avoid Injuries – Moving is a hectic time and you probably want to get it all done right away. Before you start packing and trying to lift the boxes, hire professional house movers to get the job done. Play it safe and let the professional house movers handle the hard work from packing, delivery, moving and storage.

Having a plan in the face of your fears will help you accomplish this move and feel more comfortable about it. Utilizing the help of professional house movers will take away the stress of the move, further helping to ease your fears. With all the hassle handled, you can start to look forward to your new experience.


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Packing Tips for an Office Move from Local Movers and Packers in Asheville, NC

The Leading Local Movers and Packers in Asheville, NC Provide Packing Tips for an Office Move

There are many checklists to complete and steps to plan when preparing for your office’s move. That’s why Gasperson Moving and Storage has compiled tips from our local movers and packers in Asheville, NC about packing for your upcoming office move.

  • Preparation is Key – The first step is to think ahead. If you are already doing this, you are saving yourself a lot of last-minute stress. Preparation will help protect you from making rushed decisions and mistakes. Begin by notifying your employees of the move, inform all employees of their specific roles, and when the packing will need to be completed. Check in time to time to make sure everyone is handling the move smoothly because this can be a stressful time for your employees as they handle both work and the relocation.
  • Purchase Quality Packing Supplies – Before you can begin packing, you will need to purchase packing supplies. Invest in new and proper boxes to avoid any accidents or breaks, purchase markers, packing material, and tape. As you pack, get rid of any items your office no longer needs. You will not want to put the effort into moving something you no longer need or want. Remember, you can also hire your local movers and packers to handle the packing for you.
  • Have IT Help on Hand – Moving companies and your local movers and packers often provide an I.T. worker, if you do not have one, to prepare and pack your computers and technology. It is important to pack computers carefully. Make sure all data is backed up and saved. Each computer should be wrapped and taped into a moving blanket to avoid damage.

Following these local movers and packers’ tips, you will be able to avoid mistakes that may come from being unprepared. While the move is underway, check in with your employees and make a point afterward to ask them how they think the moving process went and if there are any ways to improve it.


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Professional Packers and Movers’ Advice on Moving Flat-Screen TV’s Safely

Gasperson’s Professional Packers and Movers’ Top Tips on Safely Moving Flat-Screen TV’s in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

The big moving day is approaching. You have picked the most reliable service from your moving companies and have the keys to your new house. But you still need to prepare the items in your house such as the flat-screen TV for moving. Our professional packers and movers are here to share their top tips on how to properly prepare your flat-screen TV for a move.

  1. Remove Cords – Ready the TV for packing by removing all cords first. The remaining power cord should be wrapped up and secured with a rubber band or twist-tie. Do not let this cord hang loose because it may cause your or your movers to trip or fall, risking injury during the move.
  2. Remove Base or Mount – Remove the television’s base or remove the television’s mount. Pack these items separately from the screen.
  3. Use a Good Box – Hopefully, you still have the TV’s original box. If you do not, buy a box that is flat and the same size as your flatscreen to make sure it does not move around too much during the move.
  4. DO NOT STACK! – Make sure to keep the TV and box propped up during the move. DO NOT stack other boxes on top of the flat-screen TV’s box because this can damage or break the TV.

When planning for a move, look at your local moving companies and hire a moving and storage service that can handle these little details for you. Professionally trained, your belongings will be in good hands with professional packers and movers. Hard to move items such as your flat-screen TV is second nature to them. With this help, your flat-screen TV and other belongings will arrive at your new home safely.


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Business Movers’ Advice on Reopening Your Office Amid Coronavirus

Reliable Business Movers Provides Tips on How to Reopen Your Office in Asheville, NC During COVID-19

Coming back to work and reopening your office during the Coronavirus pandemic involves many steps and plans to get your employees and schedules back in the swing of things. As everyone is returning and business is acquiring it’s new normal, here are Gasperson Moving and Storage’s business movers’ advice and top tips on reopening your office in Asheville, NC during this trying time.

  • De-Clutter – Coming back to work creates an opportunity to reassess what you really need. This is a good time to consider commercial moving and storage services to store your unneeded belongings and office equipment to cut back on clutter. Items such as extra desks and cubicles can be stored to allow for more room in the office.
  • Storage Solutions – Many businesses are taking the time to renovate and change the layout of their workspaces whether for personal preferences or to create spaces for safe social distancing. Don’t get rid of anything but consider hiring business movers to pack and move whatever you don’t need at this moment to a moving company’s short-term or long-term storage facility. Security monitored and climate-controlled, your belongings will be safe until you need them again.
  • Hire Professionals – If your business is reopening or moving during this time, consider hiring professional business movers so they can handle the logistics of the move, the packing, moving, storing, drop off, and unpacking for you. This will help give your business the downtime it needs to prepare for reopening and help your employees focus on their tasks on hand while the move is being handled by the professionals.
  • Hassle-Free – By hiring professional business movers, the stress of the move, packing, lifting, and more will all be taken care of for you. During this challenging time, let one thing be covered as your move can be streamlined to your next location or to rejuvenate your reopening.

With these tips, your business will be back and ready to open with a fresh new layout or location. These moves or renovations, paired with moving and storage solutions, will help you and your business reopen during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


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Packers and Movers’ Tips on Involving Employees in Your Business Move

Professional Packers and Movers Provide Advice on Involving Employees in Your Business Move

There are many people involved in moving businesses, like moving companies and your employees, just to name a few. At your company, the move affects your employees, and their hard work and ideas can smooth the transition. You hired these great thinkers and qualified individuals like Gasperson Moving & Storage for a reason; let them help. Here are our professional packers and movers’ tips on involving your employees in your move-in Asheville, NC and surrounding areas.

  • Communication – Moving puts a huge strain on your employees. Even with the professional help of hired packers and movers, your employees’ daily lives are impacted. Have meetings and check-in to make sure everyone is handling the changes and expectations well. Make sure they know when they need to pack, and when moving day is.
  • Brainstorm – A move is a great opportunity to improve the workspace. Let your employees have a say in planning out the new office’s design. Are you in need of more printers? Were there enough cubicles, or were certain areas too crowded?
  • Assignments – Create assignments or checkpoints to organize a moving schedule. Plan when certain steps should be made by the employees, such as packing or when work begins at the new location. Assign your leaders to oversee the moving and organization. Do you have any I.T. employees to prepare the computers? Most importantly, assign a liaison between the company and the packers and movers.
  • Work Loads – Moving and packing requires a lot of work. So does making sure all the business’ inventory, paperwork, and more stays organized during the relocation. Allow time for your employees to pack without overloading their expected work. Maybe hire temporary help to lighten the load of routine tasks or rent a temporary office where your employees can work away from the chaos of the move.

At the end of the move, take some time to gather feedback on the process. Involving your employees will not only streamline the move but will help your employees adapt to the coming changes. With open communication and proper moving and storage services, the move will go smoothly.


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Tips for Local Moving Services on Short Notice

Helpful Tips for Local Moving Services on Short Notice in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

A normal move already takes a lot of planning and hassle. But, if you must suddenly move out on short notice, those challenges are multiplied into an overwhelming load. If you need to move out quickly, follow Gasperson Moving & Storage’s local moving services’ guidelines on how to successfully navigate a quick change in Asheville, NC.

  • Don’t Rush – If you have to move suddenly, it’s easy to rush and try to get everything ready as fast as possible, but by rushing, there are some crucial steps you might miss. To begin, get the paperwork done and out of the way. Ahead of the moving date, call your utilities to schedule your change, and notify your mail service of your change of address immediately. Next, inquire at your local moving services.
  • Do Your Research – When searching for professional movers, take a look at multiple local moving services and moving companies for estimates and to discuss what you need and in what amount of time. Pick a company that will customize the move to your plans, and with a rushed move, hire a moving and storage company that will get the packing done for you. A professional residential mover will pack, organize, label, and transport your belongings. This is incredibly helpful so you can focus on getting everything done for the move, especially if you are moving for a new career, you can focus on your work transition, knowing that your home is in good hands.
  • Arrange for Help with Kids & Pets – If you have children, moving can be stressful for them. Remember to enroll your kids in new schools, find babysitters, and keep all important paperwork such as medical information, medicine, and even their homework ready to go and within easy reach during the move. Your pets will also need to be transported safely and will need a new veterinarian.

Taking your time picking from your local moving services will save you and your move a lot of unnecessary stress. Think ahead with this advice to avoid any logistical and physical challenges during the move. Hire professional movers to handle the hard work so you can focus on your new transition in life.


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Tips for an Effective Office Relocation in Asheville, NC

Proven Tips for an Effective Office Relocation in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

Is the big moving day for your office relocation coming up, or are you in the beginning stages of planning for the move? There are a lot of moving parts to consider during an office move. Here are tips from Gasperson Moving & Storage about how to effectively plan and complete an office relocation.


Office Moving and Storage Strategies

Office moves can be a hassle, but with these tips from leading moving companies, like Gasperson Moving & Storage, you can streamline it to success. Make a schedule, communicate, and stay on task to see the move completed.

  • Timeline – Don’t fall behind and be sure to think ahead. Managing the steps of a move from when to begin packing or when the first day of the move will be is important in an office moving and storage plan. Manage what projects the company will focus on and what the short- and long-term goals of the transitions are too.
  • Taskforce – For your office relocation, you will want to create a moving task force that is dedicated to completing your office move. This will be your realtors, property managers, office movers, designers, and more. Be sure to include the head of your finances and the company’s human resources as well to smooth over the transition with the budget and the effects on your employees. This will help take into consideration every part of the company that is affected by the move.
  • Communication – Make sure your employees are all involved or kept up to date. Create a schedule and meet in person to make sure everyone understands when they are expected to pack, what their roles are, when to move, or when they might work remotely if needed during the transition. Take care of your employees and answer their questions to help avoid stress during this time. Also, check-in with your movers, partners, and anyone involved with the move to make sure the office relocation is on schedule.
  • Design – Do walk through estimates with moving companies to see their service capabilities. Ask lots of questions and be specific about your needs. With the movers hired, walkthrough, and measure the available space compared to the equipment and furniture that needs to fit.


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Choosing the Right Business Movers in Asheville, NC

Advice on How to Choose the Right Business Movers in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

Preparing to move your business or office is a lot of work. You need to make sure your employees are prepared, inventory is taken, and you need to look at top moving companies in the area to find the right business movers for your company.

How you prepare your office and which business movers you choose can make your move a success or an utter mess. That’s why working with a leader among moving companies, like Gasperson Moving & Storage in Asheville, NC, is so important. Here is some advice on how to avoid problems and find the best business movers for you.


Moving and Storage Solutions

To begin, what kind of move do you need? Are you moving a business or office to a new location? Are you going through a renovation and need storage solutions for your furniture and equipment? Or do you have a specialty move that requires a bit more finesse?

  • Commercial Move – A commercial move covers businesses, offices, and warehouse inventory. They will be able to disassemble and reassemble your office furniture and provide designers and floor planners for your new location.
  • Specialty Move – A specialty move provides equipment and the know-how for moves involving heavy equipment, artwork, antiques, and more. International moves are also considered a specialized service.
  • Storage Solutions – Our storage solutions are perfect for when your company is going through an office renovation Professional movers will disassemble, pack, move, and store your items for you until the renovation is complete. Then, once you need your items, we will deliver them directly back to your company.

You want to look for a company that is willing to meet your needs and works to streamline the process as best as possible. When it comes to commercial moves, time is essential, as you want to get your staff and business back up and running as soon as possible.


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Moving and Storage Solutions During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Advice for Moving and Storage Solutions During the Coronavirus Pandemic in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our communities and businesses are facing new challenges every day. Moving companies and storage solutions are an essential business and strive to provide their customers with safe and efficient moves. By practicing social distancing and safe disinfecting measures, moving companies, residential, and commercial movers are facing the challenges of this trying time.

Here are some tips from the professional movers at Gasperson Moving and Storage in Asheville, NC for moving during the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • Rescheduling or Cancelling – Many moves cannot be changed. Whether a lease has ended, the closing date is fixed, and more, the move must go on. If you can reschedule your move, this is recommended. If you are at high-risk for the coronavirus due to age or a preexisting condition, it is recommended to cancel or change your moving date.
  • Communication is Key – Call your movers ahead of the moving day to ask about their moving and storage solutions and safety measures against the coronavirus. Confirm your reservation as well and tell them if anyone in your family or company has been sick so the proper safety precautions can be taken.
  • Pack Ahead of Time – The coronavirus can exist on surfaces such as cardboard for up to twenty-four hours. Pack with enough time to eliminate this risk to your movers. As you pack, make sure all your belongings are disinfected. Use CDC approved products such as Lysol or Clorox. If you do not have those, you can mix one tablespoon of bleach with a gallon of water to clean some of your belongings. In the case of contamination, do not use recycled or used boxes for packing. Pack with newly purchased boxes.
  • Be Safe – For the moving day, leave out soap, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and more for your movers to use. To practice safe social distancing, stay off the property during the move and let the movers handle the moving and storage solutions.

As always, your movers will do their best despite these new challenges to provide clients with efficient moving and storage solutions. Communicate and disinfect as much as possible to have a safe and secure move.


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