Reducing Clutter Before a Move

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Reducing Clutter Before a Move

Are you looking for tips on how to make your upcoming move less stressful? If so, start by eliminating as much clutter as possible. Whether you decide to sell, donate, recycle, or toss items out, decluttering in advance will reduce chaos and save you money. After all, the fewer things the household movers take to your new home, the less you will spend on professional moving services.

Selling Items

Approximately a month before your scheduled move, go through everything to identify items that you no longer want or need. When selling your possessions, you have several options, including a garage sale, swap and shop pages on Facebook, advertising through Craig’s List and other online services, and so on. To sell things quickly, keep the prices down or show flexibility when bartering with customers.

Charitable Donations

Another excellent way to de-stress and lighten your load before the household movers show up is to donate some of your belongings. Wait until you sell as much as possible, and then take the leftover items to an organization that accepts donations. You can also contact non-profit groups like the Salvation Army or a local thrift shop to have their drivers do a pick up at your current home. Make sure that you donate only usable items; toss out anything broken, damaged, or missing parts.


What makes recycling so appealing is that, in addition to eliminating unwanted possessions, you do something good for the environment. Because so many individuals and businesses now recycle, you can either take items to a recycling facility or locate a drop-off box close to where you live.

Throwing Things Away

As a last resort, toss out anything that you could not sell, donate, or recycle. For example, damaged children’s toys ripped or stained clothing, chipped vases, and so on have no value – so throw them away.

Streamlining Your Move

By taking these actions before your scheduled move, the household movers will have less to deal with, allowing them to work even faster. Without so much “stuff” lying around, packing becomes easier as well, whether you do it yourself or use the services of the moving company you hire.

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