A Guide to Moving Seniors by Your Local Asheville Moving Company

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The Leading Asheville Moving Company Provides Tips on Moving Seniors

Moving seniors has its own set of challenges, one that the best moving companies are aware of and are prepared to handle. You need an Asheville moving company that has years of experience helping seniors move. This type of move often involves downsizing into a smaller home, apartment, or assisted living facility. It could even be that your elderly parents are moving into your home. No matter where the move is going, Gasperson Moving & Storage offers these tips for moving seniors.

  • Get an Early Start – Organization is essential when helping a senior get ready for a move. If the person moving has mobility issues or other physical challenges, you need as much time as possible to plan the move and get ready for moving day. We recommend you start planning your move at least eight weeks before the big day.
  • Declutter – It can be hard to declutter and dispose of many of the items that have been accumulated over the course of many years. While many of these items have no real monetary value, they do have sentimental value. However, if you are moving or you are helping an elderly family member or friend move going through all these belongings is essential. This is the time to gently suggest they dispose of items there will be no room for in their (or your) new home.Be sure to keep those items that hold special sentimental memories. The excess can be donated to charities such as homeless shelters or possibly even sold. Be sure you focus on one room at a time to achieve this goal. Once done, you can pack everything yourself or let the professional packers handle it for you.
  • Hire Professional Movers – While there is certainly more than one Asheville moving company to choose from, many of them do not have experience in moving seniors. For this type of move, it’s critical that you hire professional movers such as Gasperson Moving & Storage who has the experience needed to make sure the move goes smoothly.
  • Keep a Positive Attitude – Remember to keep a positive attitude throughout the move. Keep focused on the many benefits of the move, especially if you are moving an elderly loved one into your home. Doing so will help your loved one overcome the feelings that come with the loss of a certain amount of independence.


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