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Tips for Moving While Pregnant


While moving during your second trimester would probably be the easiest, if you plan to relocate while in your first or third trimester, the need for professional services becomes even more important. As you research different companies, remember that you can use a variety of keywords to find one that stands out. For instance, search by “moving companies near me,” “professional movers,” “moving and storage,” and even “expert furniture movers.”


Using the following tips, you will have a much easier and safer time moving while pregnant.


  • Doctor’s Permission – Before you even start searching for furniture movers, talk to your doctor to ensure the safety of both you and your unborn child. Especially if you have a higher risk pregnancy, moving could further complicate matters.


  • No Lifting – Being pregnant is not the time for a self-move. Regardless of whether you feel great and have lots of energy, the process could create a risk. At no time should you lift anything over 10 pounds or whatever weight your doctor recommends. Professional movers do all the lifting on your behalf. Even for lightweight items, always follow your doctor’s orders to avoid injuries commonly associated with pregnancy like pubic symphysis dysfunction, sacroiliac joint pain, back strain, and carpal tunnel pain.


  • New OB/GYN – If you plan to move to a different city or state, arrange healthcare from another reputable provider. Your current OB/GYN can likely offer you several suggestions. Also, schedule a checkup immediately following the move for peace of mind.


  • Accept Help and Delegate – If you have a Type A personality, meaning you like staying busy and in charge, while pregnant, you need to accept help and learn to delegate responsibilities. In addition to depending on the services of professional furniture movers, ask family and friends to help with other items like packing, organizing, donating, making phone calls and so on.


  • Advanced Planning – Because moving around while pregnant becomes more difficult, allow yourself plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming move. If you decide to handle the packing yourself, that will take a tremendous amount of strain off your body while giving you ample time to rest.


  • Avoid Brain Fog – Brain fog, also referred to as “pregnancy brain,” is common among pregnant women. Especially when moving, you have hundreds of things going through your mind at the same time. To avoid that, make lists and use a calendar.


  • Moving Day Kit – For a long-distance move, be sure to put a moving day kit together. After all, once the furniture movers leave with your possessions, you have no way to access anything. Include a few outfit changes, toiletries, snacks and bottled water, medication, crucial documents, important phone numbers, a first-aid kit, clothing, toys for other children, and supplies for any pets.


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At Gasperson Moving & Storage, we can eliminate a lot of your stress before and during your move. With our assistance, you can focus more on you and the health of your soon-to-be daughter or son. Call us today to discuss your moving needs.

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