Tips for Moving in Together from Gasperson Moving & Storage

When moving in together, whether as platonic roommates or as a couple, it is important that you come up with a plan. Not only do you need to hire a reputable mover like Gasperson Moving & Storage, but you also need to go over the different aspects of cohabitating, such as who has responsibility for what. With a strategy, you can have a much better chance of success.

Planning Your Asheville, NC Home Consolidation

Be Realistic

Regardless of the circumstances, when you move in with another person, your life changes dramatically. Along with the good times, you can anticipate some bumps in the road. However, by having several heart-to-heart conversations, you have the opportunity to uncover things that you can work through before making the move.

Devise a Plan

While some people enjoy housecleaning chores, others hate them. The same goes for grocery shopping, doing laundry, walking the dogs, and so on. Before moving in together, identify what each of you enjoys and dislikes. That way, you will both understand your responsibilities from the get-go.


One of the most significant ways to make your move successful is by maintaining open and honest communication. Especially when those “bumps” happen, the last thing you want to do is keep everything bottled up. Agree to disagree so you can maintain respect with between the two of you.


Merging possessions is often a challenge, especially when you have a completely different taste in décor. While it might seem impossible, there are ways to blend extreme opposite styles. For example, keep the common areas of the house neutral. If you have separate bedrooms, you can then do whatever you want.


While packing might not seem like a big deal, it can quickly become a nightmare if you both have a ton of belongings and want to bring everything to the new house. Take time to declutter by recycling, donating, and giving away things you no longer want or need. When finished, you can then rely on Gasperson Moving & Storage to assist with both the packing and unpacking process.

Hiring the Right Company

When moving in together, every detail is important, down to the moving company you hire. Determine your budget, as well as any specialized services you need, and then begin the search process. For a seamless move, Gasperson Moving & Storage is your best source. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your home consolidation.

Moving Tips to Get Your Deposit Back

Along with the first and last month’s rent, when you move into a new apartment, you should put down a security deposit. By law, the property owner must hold onto that money in case of any damage to the unit. All too often, tenants and landlords end up in small claims court, fighting over the deposit.

Apartment Move-Out Checklist

For you to get your deposit back, it is essential that you do certain things. Before the mover you hire places any item inside your home, take date and time stamped photos of each room. Do the same on the day you move out. Also, follow the checklist provided to ensure you receive every dime of your security deposit back.

  • Floors – Sweep and mop all floors. For carpeting, it is worth hiring a professional company to shampoo.
  • Walls – Wipe down all walls, including light and power outlet covers, vents, hooks, and so on. Also, remove all nails, followed by using spackling to fill the holes, and sand the surface smooth. If you repainted the walls with your landlord’s permission with the agreement you would return the color back to white, make sure you do a perfect repaint job.
  • Light Fixtures – Clean ceiling fans and wash all glass components of light fixtures.
  • Windows – Thoroughly clean windows inside and out. As part of that, be sure to focus on the tracks and blinds. 
  • Doors – Wipe down doors, including the knobs and frames.
  • Appliances – Leave the refrigerator, stove/oven combination, microwave, and washer and dryer, if provided, clean.
  • Countertops and Cabinets – Clean every inch of the kitchen and bathroom countertops and deep inside cabinets and drawers.
  • Bathroom – Clean and sanitize all surfaces. For the sink and bathtub, apply caulk if necessary.
  • Repairs – Fix anything damaged or broken, such as holes or tears in carpeting, windows and screens, and door locks. Also, replace missing items, including drip pans on the stove, burnt-out light bulbs, blinds, and non-working smoke detectors. Install a clean furnace filter.
  • Junk – Do not leave one item behind. Throw out old furniture, planters, or even clothes that you no longer want instead of leaving the job to your landlord. You can hire a mover to assist with this if you need help.

Whether you are moving into or out of an apartment, you want to hire the best mover possible. At Gasperson Moving and Storage, we offer superior quality service at an affordable price.

What To Expect From Your Moving Estimate

What to Expect in Your Moving Estimate

For a seamless move, it is essential that you hire one of the best moving companies, preferably one that offers temporary storage. As part of that, a representative will provide you with an estimate as to what you would pay for the services rendered. You can have a professional estimator come to your home to assess the volume and type of goods involved. Based on the finding, the estimator will provide you with a quote that you can then compare to others to help with the decision-making process.

An excellent way to make sure you receive a fair and accurate estimate is by knowing what one should cover. That way, you can quickly identify anything that seems too high, and you can address hidden fees. First, you need to understand the three types of estimates:

  • Binding – The price on this estimate stands firm, meaning the company must honor the amount quoted, barring any changes on your end.
  • Non-Binding – Although it is based on the estimator’s best guess, you would only pay for the actual weight of the load as well as any add-on services provided. If the bill comes back higher, you are responsible for paying just 110 percent of the written estimate when the movers deliver your goods. However, you can expect a bill at some point for the remaining fees.
  • Binding-Not-to-Exceed Estimate – Similar to a binding estimate, this one means you would pay less than the estimate if your possessions do not weigh as much as the estimator stated.

You should receive an inventory list. If the company does not offer one, request it. This will include everything the movers will take, including the approximate number of containers and boxes. With a copy, you can check for accuracy. When hiring one of the best moving companies with temporary storage, the list should show where different items go.

Moving companies charge additional fees for things like stairs, long-carry service, packing and unpacking, furniture assembly and installation, and the loading of large and oversized items. If you opt for insurance or storage, they too should be on the estimate.


Quality and Affordability

When you hire Gasperson Moving and Storage, we will gladly go over each line item on your estimate to answer any questions and make sure you agree to all charges. As one of the best moving companies with temporary storage, we can accommodate all your needs.

Experts From Leading Moving Companies In Asheville Share Winter Moving Tips

Winter Moving Tips From Moving Companies in Asheville

Regardless of the time of year, moving comes with challenges. However, relocating during the cold winter months takes things to an entirely different level. If you find yourself in a position of needing to move, whether to a new home or as part of a company relocation, the tips provided will make the process easier.


  • Expert Assistance – The most important tip is to hire one of the top moving companies in Asheville. That decision alone will eliminate a tremendous amount of unnecessary stress. Leaving your possessions in the hands of a trusted source allows you to focus on other aspects of the move while feeling confident the movers will deliver everything on time and unscathed.
  • Materials – If possible, purchase high-quality boxes and other supplies from one of the best moving companies in Asheville. However, if you decide to search for containers in dumpsters or from behind stores, make sure you select only the best. Remember, winter moves often involve snow and rain, which means poor-quality boxes will not hold up. As you can imagine, that puts your belongings at risk for damage.
  • Plan Ahead – Although winter is the quieter season for moving companies, depending on where you relocate to, the journey could be somewhat treacherous. Respected movers have logistics experts on staff responsible for identifying the fastest but also safest routes. Even so, there is a chance of running into bad weather conditions. Planning as far as in advance as possible gives you more time to get organized, but it also helps the movers identify the best options for their travels.
  • Emergency Preparation – If you plan to drive your vehicle to your new home, make sure you prepare an emergency kit. Include bottled water, non-perishable food, candles, and waterproof matches, blankets, a flashlight and batteries, a phone charger, and waterproof boots just in case you become stuck.


For professional service, regardless of the time of year, contact us at Gasperson Moving and Storage. As a leader among moving companies in Asheville, we remain 100 percent dedicated to every customer we serve.

Gasperson Moving Shares Tips For Moving During The Holidays

Moving During the Holidays

Although you are probably excited about your upcoming move, the fact that it falls over the holidays has created some stress. With everything else going on during this time of the year, trying to organize a move can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, you can rely on Gasperson Moving located in Asheville. With a history dating back more than 100 years and as an agent of North American Van Lines, you have the assurance of a seamless process.

Along with hiring Gasperson Moving in Asheville to assist with your move, you have other things to do. To make your holiday move easier, consider the following tips.

  • Attitude – Start by having the right attitude. You understand that moving over the holidays is not ideal, so accept it and plan around it. The way you look at the situation will make all the difference for you and your family members.
  • Schedule Your Move – Although the holiday season is not the peak season for moving companies, it is still a busy time of the year. The minute you know about your move, contact a reputable company like Gasperson Moving in Asheville. A representative will schedule an estimator to come to your home if you want to assess the items involved, and they will then give you an accurate quote.
  • Budget – Along with the cost of the move, you still need to spend money on gifts. Especially when you are moving during the holiday season, create a reasonable budget and do everything possible to stick with it. If you need to cut back a little because of the relocation, your family members and friends will understand.
  • Donating Items – Before packing, take time to go through your possessions to see if you have anything to donate to a charitable organization. Anything unused or unwanted but in excellent condition will help someone in need while eliminating the need for you to take it with you.
  • Add-On Services – If there was ever a time to take advantage of the add-on services that moving companies provide, this is it. While you can choose from a host of options, having a team of professionals to pack up your belongings is one of the best. Not only that, but after arriving at your new home, either the same team or a second highly qualified crew will unpack everything, even putting items in their proper places under your guidance. As a result, you settle in faster, giving you time to enjoy the holiday festivities.


Stress-Free Moving

At Gaperson Moving in Asheville, we would love the opportunity to make your holiday move as stress-free as possible. Along with excellent moving solutions, we offer top-of-the-line storage. Contact us today to learn more.

Tips For Moving Of State From Your Local Movers in Asheville, NC

Congratulations! After spending years climbing the corporate ladder, you finally landed your dream job. However, your promotion means moving out of state. Now comes the part where you need to find reputable movers in Asheville, NC. Obviously, you want to hire a company that respects both you and your possessions.

If time allows, select the right movers in Asheville, NC, roughly two months out. Now, if you plan to move this coming summer, extend that to about three to four months. The reason is that moving companies stay incredibly busy from May to August. Therefore, if you want to do business with the best movers, you should lock in your date sooner.


The following are several tips to help you move to a different state.


  • Visit in Person – If your new job takes you to a city you have never visited, and you have time, plan a short trip before you move. Being there in person gives you more opportunity to look at different neighborhoods, find an apartment, buy a house, and so on. In addition to the research you do, talk to local business owners and even the hotel concierge about the best places to live.


  • Schools – If you have children in school, you need to look at schools before settling on a place to live. That way, you can select a place to live in an excellent district.


  • Take Care of Business – While you are still at your current address, you need to take care of several things. For instance, you want to schedule the shut-off of your utilities, forward your mail, stop any magazine subscriptions, and inform family members and friends of your plan.


  • Budgeting – Although budgeting is essential for any move, it is especially important when moving out of state. After all, you will spend more on long-distance movers in Asheville, NC, compared to a company that provides local services. In addition, depending on how far you plan to move, you would need to budget for gas, meals, hotel stays, and any other related expenses.


Your Most Trusted Movers in Asheville

One of the most stressful aspects of any move has to do with selecting the right company to assist you. Gasperson Moving and Storage remains a leader after more than 100 years. We provide stellar services at prices our customers can afford. For an enjoyable experience moving out of state, you can count on our entire team.

Moving from a Small Town to a Large City

Even with an adventurous spirit, you might feel somewhat overwhelmed at the thought of moving from a small town to a large city. Leaving everything and everyone familiar and starting over in an entirely different place, you probably have a lot of questions and a few concerns. Among the many decisions you need to make, you want to find the best movers in Asheville that have the necessary experience.

One of the first things you should do after deciding to move is research different movers in Asheville. Along with experience, the goal is to select a company that specializes in residential relocations. Also, if you anticipate needing help with various tasks, make sure you focus on companies with services for packing and unpacking, furniture installation, vehicle transport, or anything else you might need.

If you already found a new home, and after selecting the right movers in Asheville, the next step is to research your destination. By doing that ahead of time, you will know the location of the nearest grocery store, dry cleaners, car wash, public park, day spa, and other places. For this, the internet offers a wealth of information. In fact, you can use Google Earth to actually see different businesses.


Our Movers in Asheville Share Tips on Moving to a Large City

Whether you are traveling alone or with a family, you also want to find a doctor. Start by talking to your current physician. If he or she has no recommendations, there are several free services to help you locate the right doctor. Also, check out dental clinics, and if you have pets, veterinarians. If you already know someone in the city, you can ask them for suggestions.

When you are moving from a small town to a large city without knowing anyone, ask friends, co-workers, neighbors, and other people you trust for names of individuals they know. If nothing else, you have contact information should you need help with something after settling into your new home.


Outstanding Service

With a history of providing customers with superior service for more than 100 years, you can count on us at Gasperson Moving and Storage to help with your move to a big city.

Green Moving: Tips to Ensure an Eco-Friendly Move

Thanks to increased public awareness and specially designed programs, a significant number of individuals and businesses now follow environmentally friendly practices and choose green services. A perfect example is that both residential and commercial customers can make choices to ensure an eco-friendly move. Follow the tips listed below to make your next move “green.”

  • Use Existing Materials – Instead of buying boxes and packing material, use what you have on hand. You can place all types of belongings inside things like plastic tubs, luggage, clothes hampers, gym bags, dresser drawers, grocery totes, and more. By using towels, sweatshirts, blankets, sweaters, and other soft materials, you can wrap your belongings for optimum protection. If you prefer boxes and know that you will move within the next 6-12 months, hang onto boxes you receive from items ordered online. You can then use those for packing. For new boxes, some of the top moving and storage companies sell recycled products.
  • Donate and Recycle – The best time to declutter is right before moving. For an eco-friendly move, go through everything, closets, cabinets, drawers, the attic, an outdoor shed, and make a pile of things that you can donate to a charitable organization or recycle. If you have time, you could also hold a garage sale.
  • Save the Kitchen for Last – Whether you do the packing or you use the services of a professional moving company, focus on the kitchen last. You can use existing plates, cups, bowls, and utensils instead of buying plastic or paper products to get by until you unpack all your things at the new address.
  • Be More Efficient – When moving locally, be as efficient as possible when loading the truck or vehicles. The fewer trips you make back and forth between the two locations the less pollution.
  • Choose a Green Moving Company – In response to the growing demand for eco-friendly moves, reputable moving companies offer green services. In addition to recycled boxes and packing material, these companies have a fleet of trucks that run on biodiesel fuel as opposed to gasoline.


Offering Eco-Friendly Moves

Serving customers in and around the Asheville community, the staff at Gasperson Moving & Storage makes every effort possible to provide environmentally friendly solutions. For your upcoming residential or commercial move, we would love the opportunity to assist. For more information about our services, you can visit our website or call to speak directly with a company representative.

Moving Companies in Asheville, NC Share International Packing Tips

International Packing Tips from the Top Moving Companies in Ashville, NC

As you can imagine, relocating to a different country is much different than moving within the same city or state. Thankfully, some of the best moving companies have provided helpful international packing tips to streamline your upcoming relocation.

Keep in mind, when you hire one of the most respected moving companies, you can take advantage of its team of experts to assist with both packing and unpacking. However, if you prefer to handle the packing aspect of your move, the following information will help.

  • Start Early – While you might think you have plenty of time to worry about packing, time will sneak up on you quickly. For that reason, start creating a list and purchasing the supplies you need anywhere from two to three months in advance. By not rushing, you will experience less stress.
  • Quality Supplies – For an international move, boxes you find in a dumpster or retrieve from your local grocery store will not suffice. Instead, buy boxes, tape, and packing material from whichever one of the moving companies you hire. Strong corrugated boxes, heavy-duty tape, and quality packing materials will provide your possessions with optimum protection.
  • Cushioning Material – In addition to packing paper and bubble wrap, you can use all sorts of soft items for packing. As an example, sweatshirts, towels, blankets, pillows, and other household items work incredibly well. By using them, you require fewer boxes.
  • Electronics – Another excellent international packing tip offered by trusted moving companies is for electronics: Make sure you unhook all the cords. Place them in a plastic zippered bag, write the contents on the outside using a magic marker, and attach the bag to the back of the respective electronic with strong tape.
  • Use Space – Another way to reduce the number of boxes and containers you need is to place things like unbreakable kitchenware, books, and other miscellaneous items inside luggage, bathroom hampers, gym bags, and so on.
  • Make a List – For a streamlined process, start with a list of everything you plan to take on a room-by-room basis.
  • Label Your Boxes – As you pack, use a labeling system. For instance, if you have 12 boxes full of kitchen items, label the boxes K1 through K12. In addition, place a color-coded sticker on each of those boxes and one on your list next to “kitchen.” When your belongings arrive at your new home, the labels and stickers will confirm you received the correct number of boxes and which room they go in.

Moving and Storage Companies in Asheville, NC Share Home Staging Ideas

Moving and Storage Companies – Home Staging Ideas to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Are you planning to put your house on the market? Do you hope for a quick sale without needing to drop the price? An excellent way to accomplish your goal is with staging.

One important thing to remember: You need to stage both the interior and exterior of your home. Also, in anticipation of a fast sell, start looking for a reputable moving and storage company as soon as the “for sale” sign goes up.

  • Improve Curb Appeal – Depending on the season, you might plant some vibrant flowers and greenery. Make sure the house numbers are large enough to read, keep the lawn meticulous, wash the windows inside and out, and power wash the outside. If you see any stains or cracks on the driveway, walkway, or porch, fix them.
  • Create a Welcoming Aura – If you have a front porch, make it look and feel inviting to any potential buyers. Simple things, like nice outdoor furniture, potted flowers, and a new doormat, will go a long way.
  • Lighting – While most people look at homes during the daylight hours, some only have evening hours available to scout for a house. So, make sure you have good lighting.
  • Declutter – As expressed by one of the best moving and storage companies, you should rent a unit to store as much clutter as possible. Even personal photos can prove distracting. Focus on creating a lived-in, yet clean, environment.
  • Dress Up the Dining Room Table – A table runner and centerpiece on the dining room table will make the entire room more inviting.
  • Flooring – Regardless of the type of flooring you have, it is imperative you have it professionally cleaned.
  • Furniture Placement – Another tip from an excellent moving and storage company is if you have a relatively small house, you can make it appear larger by rearranging the furniture or putting a few pieces in storage.
  • Neutral Tones – If you have any dark or bold walls, repaint them a neutral color before putting your house on the market. The wrong colors can easily turn buyers off. Not only do they struggle to see their belongings in the house, but they recognize the amount of work involved to change the colors.
  • Cabinets and Closets – Smart buyers will open every closet and cabinet, so prepare. Take the time to pull excessive clothes, books, photos, and small decorative items out. Then, put the items into a rented storage unit.