Tips for an Effective Office Relocation in Asheville, NC

Proven Tips for an Effective Office Relocation in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

Is the big moving day for your office relocation coming up, or are you in the beginning stages of planning for the move? There are a lot of moving parts to consider during an office move. Here are tips from Gasperson Moving & Storage about how to effectively plan and complete an office relocation.


Office Moving and Storage Strategies

Office moves can be a hassle, but with these tips from leading moving companies, like Gasperson Moving & Storage, you can streamline it to success. Make a schedule, communicate, and stay on task to see the move completed.

  • Timeline – Don’t fall behind and be sure to think ahead. Managing the steps of a move from when to begin packing or when the first day of the move will be is important in an office moving and storage plan. Manage what projects the company will focus on and what the short- and long-term goals of the transitions are too.
  • Taskforce – For your office relocation, you will want to create a moving task force that is dedicated to completing your office move. This will be your realtors, property managers, office movers, designers, and more. Be sure to include the head of your finances and the company’s human resources as well to smooth over the transition with the budget and the effects on your employees. This will help take into consideration every part of the company that is affected by the move.
  • Communication – Make sure your employees are all involved or kept up to date. Create a schedule and meet in person to make sure everyone understands when they are expected to pack, what their roles are, when to move, or when they might work remotely if needed during the transition. Take care of your employees and answer their questions to help avoid stress during this time. Also, check-in with your movers, partners, and anyone involved with the move to make sure the office relocation is on schedule.
  • Design – Do walk through estimates with moving companies to see their service capabilities. Ask lots of questions and be specific about your needs. With the movers hired, walkthrough, and measure the available space compared to the equipment and furniture that needs to fit.


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Choosing the Right Business Movers in Asheville, NC

Advice on How to Choose the Right Business Movers in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

Preparing to move your business or office is a lot of work. You need to make sure your employees are prepared, inventory is taken, and you need to look at top moving companies in the area to find the right business movers for your company.

How you prepare your office and which business movers you choose can make your move a success or an utter mess. That’s why working with a leader among moving companies, like Gasperson Moving & Storage in Asheville, NC, is so important. Here is some advice on how to avoid problems and find the best business movers for you.


Moving and Storage Solutions

To begin, what kind of move do you need? Are you moving a business or office to a new location? Are you going through a renovation and need storage solutions for your furniture and equipment? Or do you have a specialty move that requires a bit more finesse?

  • Commercial Move – A commercial move covers businesses, offices, and warehouse inventory. They will be able to disassemble and reassemble your office furniture and provide designers and floor planners for your new location.
  • Specialty Move – A specialty move provides equipment and the know-how for moves involving heavy equipment, artwork, antiques, and more. International moves are also considered a specialized service.
  • Storage Solutions – Our storage solutions are perfect for when your company is going through an office renovation Professional movers will disassemble, pack, move, and store your items for you until the renovation is complete. Then, once you need your items, we will deliver them directly back to your company.

You want to look for a company that is willing to meet your needs and works to streamline the process as best as possible. When it comes to commercial moves, time is essential, as you want to get your staff and business back up and running as soon as possible.


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Moving and Storage Solutions During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Advice for Moving and Storage Solutions During the Coronavirus Pandemic in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our communities and businesses are facing new challenges every day. Moving companies and storage solutions are an essential business and strive to provide their customers with safe and efficient moves. By practicing social distancing and safe disinfecting measures, moving companies, residential, and commercial movers are facing the challenges of this trying time.

Here are some tips from the professional movers at Gasperson Moving and Storage in Asheville, NC for moving during the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • Rescheduling or Cancelling – Many moves cannot be changed. Whether a lease has ended, the closing date is fixed, and more, the move must go on. If you can reschedule your move, this is recommended. If you are at high-risk for the coronavirus due to age or a preexisting condition, it is recommended to cancel or change your moving date.
  • Communication is Key – Call your movers ahead of the moving day to ask about their moving and storage solutions and safety measures against the coronavirus. Confirm your reservation as well and tell them if anyone in your family or company has been sick so the proper safety precautions can be taken.
  • Pack Ahead of Time – The coronavirus can exist on surfaces such as cardboard for up to twenty-four hours. Pack with enough time to eliminate this risk to your movers. As you pack, make sure all your belongings are disinfected. Use CDC approved products such as Lysol or Clorox. If you do not have those, you can mix one tablespoon of bleach with a gallon of water to clean some of your belongings. In the case of contamination, do not use recycled or used boxes for packing. Pack with newly purchased boxes.
  • Be Safe – For the moving day, leave out soap, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and more for your movers to use. To practice safe social distancing, stay off the property during the move and let the movers handle the moving and storage solutions.

As always, your movers will do their best despite these new challenges to provide clients with efficient moving and storage solutions. Communicate and disinfect as much as possible to have a safe and secure move.


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Commercial Movers’ Ultimate Office Moving Checklist

Our Expert Commercial Movers in Asheville, NC Created this Office Moving Checklist

Gasperson Moving & Storage in Asheville, NC knows that when preparing to move your office, staying organized is key to your move’s success. Before you start to look for commercial movers, read this checklist and complete each step to save time and to make your move as efficient as possible.

  • Shared Moving Folder – A shared moving folder will help organize all your documents, quotes, contacts, schedules, and more during a move. Keep everything in one place.
  • Notify your Employees – Make sure your employees are informed and given a schedule of when they must pack and be ready to move. Meet face to face to go over moving and storage safety guidelines and to makes sure everyone is handling the changes well.
  • Office Walk Through – Take a walkthrough, both the old office and the new office, to check the inventory of your office. In your old office, with and without the commercial movers, take inventory and estimate costs by evaluating what furniture, equipment, and inventory you will be moving and what equipment it will take to do so. In the new office, make a floorplan and decide where everything will go in the new space. Pay attention to staircases or if there is an elevator you might have to book for the move-in day. Be sure to communicate with your commercial movers to tell them exactly what you expect during the move so they can give you an accurate quote.
  • Hiring Professional Movers – When looking at moving companies to hire, make a list of what a good moving and storage company is to you. Do you need the movers to pack, move, and deliver everything for you? What is their reputation, do they have insurance and are their estimates thorough? Take your time, get estimates from three different companies, ask for references, and pick who suits your needs the best.
  • Moving Day – Before the big day, make sure you call to reconfirm this day with your commercial movers. Assign an employee leader or be at the new location before the movers arrive.

With this checklist, you will be able to streamline the moving and storage process of your company. Plan ahead and keep track of all of the details to be ready for the move.


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The Best Movers’ Tips on Color Coding Boxes

Color Coding Boxes from the Best Movers in Asheville, NC

Moving can be a hassle. What makes a move worse is disorganization and losing any items or belongings. When looking for moving companies, you need to be careful to find one that will give you a quality, expert service, versus the companies who might rush your move or go about it in an unorganized fashion.

Only the best movers, like Gasperson Moving & Storage in Asheville, NC, will color-code your boxes in some way. This process may seem silly because you will wonder what this does. But, if you want high-quality and detail-orientated workers to take care of your belongings, find a professional moving and storage company that does this.


The Benefits of Color Coding Boxes

  • Organization – Staying organized during a move is key. When you move in and out of a house or office, knowing where each box goes will speed up the process and save a lot of time and hassle. How this works is that each room in the house is assigned a color. The living room boxes will be blue and the kitchen can be yellow. By labeling each box, the movers on the team will know exactly where everything goes.
  • Numbering Boxes – To make this process even better, the colored boxes will be numbered. If you have seven boxes going into your kitchen, you will want to make sure that all seven have arrived. With the numbers one to seven on all lids, this will show that all boxes have made it safely to their new home.
  • Easier to Unpack Items – By color coding and/or numbering the boxes, it ensures each box ends up in the correct room, therefore simplifying the unpacking process. Once all your possessions are where they belong, the movers will unpack them for you. It is this kind of quality service you want to be involved in your next move.

Color coding your boxes is a systematic way to keep your make your move go smoothly. Only the best movers and professionals offer this service thanks to their years of experience and know-how. This process will move you into your new home faster and with less hassle.


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Full Service Movers’ Advice for Moving into a Smaller Space

Tips from the Leading Full Service Movers in Asheville, NC

Are you planning to downsize? Moving is a big step in a new direction of life. As you prepare to get started, stop and plan what would make this move the most efficient for you. If you are thinking ahead, your move will be smoother already. Here are some tips from the experienced full service movers at Gasperson Moving & Storage in Asheville, NC on how to make the most out of and how to plan for moving into a smaller space.

  • Clean – The first step to any move is to clean. Clean everything. Getting rid of any trash or getting objects off the floor will effectively move things along so you can avoid any tripping hazards. Also, you don’t want to bring dusty or grimy furniture with you to the new place.
  • Declutter – Downsizing usually means you can’t take everything with you. Split up what you own into piles of get rid of, donate, or keep. This is an organized way to go through everything you own. Think of what you will use and maybe get rid of things that you haven’t used in a while. This also lightens the load on our full service movers.
  • Costs – Moving to a small place has its perks. Saving on utilities is one of them. Your heating and electricity bill will be cheaper in a small space. Also, after all your hard work decluttering your house, you now will save money on the move because you have less stuff to move.
  • Be Creative – Take advantage of the space you have. Find a new way to decorate and use the most of your space. Living in a small space doesn’t mean it has to be crowded. Pay attention to organization and what will fit the best. Create a cozy space for yourself and your family.
  • Socialize – Living in a smaller space means you might not have room for big and bulky objects. Take advantage of this and go out and meet new people at local fitness centers, the pool, or parks. This will help you establish your new life as you get to meet new people and begin to feel a part of the new community.

Once you begin to declutter, clean, and plan for your move, it is time to look for moving companies and full service movers.


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The Advantages of Short-Term Storage in Asheville, NC

Advice from the Leading Providers of Storage in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

When people need clean, secure storage in Asheville, NC, they often believe that long-term storage is the only option. After all, people usually discuss their storage plans when moving out of state or packing away family heirlooms. But what happens when your house sells faster than you anticipated, or your renovation timeline fell through? That’s where short-term storage solutions come into play – and it’s more common than you think.

When life happens, short-term storage in Asheville, NC may be the solution. It’s an affordable, secure, and convenient way to store your belongings. Consider these tips before you get started.

  • Plan ahead – Although you may not have much time when it comes to short-term storage, you should still try to plan. Measure your storage unit to make sure everything will fit in there, especially if you’re putting away large furniture pieces or appliances. It’s also a good idea to measure your new home to see if you need to transition to long-term storage later. Before you begin packing, decide on a labeling system. Your future self will thank you.
  • Preparation is important – Just because you’re storing belongings for a short period of time doesn’t mean you should skip this step. Before you move and store your belongings, you need to prepare them properly. Your freezer needs to be defrosted, your microwave should be clean, and each piece of furniture needs to be empty and disassembled. Each of your smaller items should be properly packed and labeled so you can easily access them if need be. Valuables may require specialty-packing or a climate-controlled storage unit to prevent them from being damaged.
  • Choose the right storage solutions – Choosing a trusted company to store your items can make or break your short-term storage experience. If you need storage in Asheville, NC, look for a secure, clean, and organized facility, so you never have to worry about theft or damage. Browse company reviews and accreditations before making any final decisions. You can also request a tour of the warehouse to ensure the company’s real location looks like their online photos.


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Asheville Area Movers Provide Tips for an Affordable Business Move

Advice on How to Have an Affordable Business from the Top Asheville Area Movers

Office moving is a big undertaking. Not only do you have to seek out Asheville area movers and manage moving day itself, but you also have to consider the needs and workflow of every employee. The transition can hurt, or even halt, productivity, and may cause confusion at first. Amidst this logistical nightmare, the last thing you want is to lose money, too.

While some moving expenses are unavoidable, there are plenty of ways to keep costs down by planning ahead, comparing prices, or rethinking your options. These three tips from your top Asheville area movers, Gasperson Moving and Storage, will help you stay on-budget and maintain productivity during your next commercial move.

  1. Plan ahead. Mapping out every aspect of your move will not only keep you organized on the day-of, but it may shed some light on some expenses you can skip. Enlisting a team of employees to help with the packing process can mitigate the need for professional services and taking stock of how many furniture pieces you actually have could land you a better estimate.
  2. Customize your move. Now that you’ve laid out the details of your move, work with moving companies to select the exact services you need. Some Asheville area movers, like Gasperson Moving and Storage, will work with you to create a personalized moving plan so you’re not stuck paying for unnecessary services.
  3. Let everyone know you are moving. This step is essential for two reasons. First, suppliers and vendors may send shipments to the wrong address, or clients could show up for a meeting to discover an empty office. We recommend notifying your partners and clients of the upcoming move at least three weeks in advance. Secondly, you could still get hit with some hefty utility bills if you forget to cancel those services in time. We also suggest checking in with your landlord to clarify the details of your current lease.


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Professional Packers and Movers Talk About Items Commonly Damaged During a Move

Packing Advice from Professional Packers and Movers for Items that are Commonly Damaged During a Move

The professional packers and movers at Gasperson Moving and Storage recommend planning most aspects of your move to save time and avoid setbacks. But when it comes to transporting delicate items across long distances, even the best-laid plans may have flaws. Without proper care and attention, fragile items are likely to break. Here’s how you can prevent your belongings from breaking in transit.

  • Glass – Glassware is the most likely item to break while moving. One layer of newspaper won’t cut it if your plates are placed under multiple boxes. Prevent cracks and shatters by padding glass items on all sides with multiple layers of bubble wrap, then fill in the void spaces with crumpled newspaper. Keeping breakable items secure is essential. Transporting extra delicate items? Our attentive team can safely transport high-value glassware.
  • Furniture – Although your fixtures might seem sturdy, the odd shapes and sizes of furniture can cause them to break during loading or delivery without proper care. Before moving day, remove all drawers and contents, as well as detachable parts. Pack these in labeled boxes so you know which item they belong to once you arrive. We can help you wrap the furniture in heavy-duty moving pads before we return them to you in perfect condition.
  • Electronics – Because of their potential for damage, the best professional packers and movers pay close attention to electronic devices. Secure electronics in their original or similar-sized boxes and pad them with bubble wrap with all sides. Detach all cords and cables and tape shut and moving parts. Fill the void areas with packing paper, towels, or shirts.
  • Artwork – Don’t leave your artwork out to dry! Canvases can be torn, and frames may be smashed on contacts if not packed properly. Start by assessing whether or not your art can be layered in a large box or if larger pieces need to be moved in a crate. If the artwork has glass, remember to remove it before wrapping each item in bubble wrap.
  • Lampshades – Most people don’t suspect their lampshades will be damaged during a move, but due to their odd shape and delicate constitution, dents and tears are common. After finding the right sized box, lay a shirt or towel above and below the lampshade for an extra layer of protection.


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Tips to Reduce Clutter Before a Move from Professional Moving Companies

Professional Moving Companies Offer Advice on Reducing Clutter Before Moving

Moving can be a stressful time. From changing addresses to getting the utilities set up, there’s no shortage of things to do once you arrive at your new home. One thing that shouldn’t be a hassle is sorting through your things once you get there. Instead of opening up a box labeled “bedroom” to find old receipts, dirty laundry and a VHS player that doesn’t work anymore, professional moving companies recommend cleaning out your house before the move.

A thorough decluttering will save you valuable time, space, and energy, and give you a fresh start in your tidy new home. You can save on moving costs with fewer boxes to deal with, and if you pack them properly, you’ll know exactly where everything goes when the big day arrives. Here’s how the expert movers at Gasperson Moving and Storage recommend you clean out and organize your belongings.

  • Start Now – Waiting until the last minute to declutter your home will leave you feeling anxious and rushed. If you’re deciding whether or not to donate your great grandma’s hutch or re-gift unopened items, the process may take you some time. Start early to make sure you’re not packing things in haste and making decisions you’ll regret later.
  • Know Your Options – Before you start the sorting process, it’s important to know where your things can go. If it’s damaged, it should be thrown away. Donating used or gently used items is a great wait to repurpose materials or selling them could make you a little extra cash. If you’re on the fence about furniture or family heirlooms, talk to professional moving companies like Gasperson about storage services.
  • Choose Wisely – Now’s a great time to ask yourself what’s most important to you. If you could only take five things from each room, what would they be? What large items are worth the cost of moving? Get rid of duplicates, unnecessary spares, or items that have not been used in over a year, then decide what’s worth packing.
  • Be Methodical – It’s helpful to start small, especially if you live in a large house. Pick a drawer or a closet to start with, then go through your items one at a time. Clearing out small spaces will encourage you to move on to larger areas. Professional moving companies suggest having trash bags, markers, and boxes at the ready.
  • Organize as You Go – When you finally know what you want to bring, label your boxes as precisely as possible. Mark what room each box belongs in in bold, and under that, note the contents or exactly where things will be placed (dresser, bookshelf, etc.).


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