Gasperson Offers Storage Solutions in Asheville, NC

Excellent Short-Term Storage Solutions in Asheville, NC

If you love decorating the interior and exterior of your home for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other holidays but have no available space to store your decorations, why not take advantage of off-site storage? With different sizes and types of units, a reputable facility has the perfect solution for an affordable price.

By keeping both holiday and seasonal items in storage, you can take them out whenever needed. When you are finished using them, put them back in the unit. Using a trusted facility, you can unclutter your garage, shed, basement, or attic, which allows you to use those areas of the home for their intended purposes.

In addition to holiday possessions you want to store, off-site storage is also ideal for winter clothes, sports equipment, boots, and tents. It is even useful for things like boats, Jet Skis, campers, trailers, RVs, and more. The key is to select a site that has the best solution for your specific needs while providing state-of-the-art security.

You want a facility with excellent lighting, 24-hour surveillance, perimeter fencing, and a coded keyless entry. That way, you can store whatever you want without worrying about someone stealing your belongings. Some facilities even have around-the-clock personnel.

For any items that are sensitive to cold, heat, or humidity, you can always go with a climate-controlled unit. For example, you can safely store electronics, leather jackets, and so on all year round. If you want, you can rent a larger unit than needed for your holiday and seasonal items and add other things that take up too much space at home.

When placing boxes and containers inside a storage unit, make sure to keep the items you use most close to the front, making access easier. Although an off-site facility is an excellent solution when moving or going through a remodeling project, remember that a storage unit has a lot more to offer.


Outstanding Solutions

Gasperson Moving & Storage can accommodate all your needs. Call for a free quote or stop by in person to look at the different units we have available.

Reliable Movers in Asheville, NC with Tips on Moving Antiques

Moving Antiques and Fine Art

Regardless of the type of things you need to move, you want the best movers possible on the job. However, when it comes to antiques and fine art, your expectations increase. Due to the fragility and value of these goods, you need reliable movers on board, ideally those with years of experience and extensive training. As you research different companies, there are specific factors to consider.

Antiques and fine art require unique care. For a professional moving company to deliver these items without causing damage, it is imperative that you hire one that specializes in handling high-quality possessions. Even then, you want to gather information about the process so that you feel confident in hiring a particular company.

Tips From Gasperson’s Reliable Movers in Asheville, NC

  • Insurance – Before locking into a formal contract, confirm that the moving company has excellent insurance protection. For antiques and fine art, you want full-replacement value. That means instead of paying only a small percentage to replace the cost of damaged goods, the company would pay 100 percent. Keep in mind that for antiques and other high-end possessions, you should also contact your insurance provider to make sure you have adequate coverage, with or without protection from the movers.
  • Packing Materials – Ask the moving company about the types of materials it uses for expensive goods. Reliable movers have crates especially designed for antiques and artwork. They also use high-quality packing paper, bubble wrap, pads, straps, and other supplies for optimum protection.
  • Loading and Transporting – Even with your antiques and fine art carefully wrapped and crated, the right movers will follow strict company policy on loading and transporting these items. In other words, as reliable movers, they would rely on cutting-edge tools and equipment to put everything in the truck and then use straps to hold the pieces securely in place during transport.
  • Storage Solutions – If you need to place something in storage, the company you hire would either have a secure and safe warehouse facility or a partnership with a nationwide carrier that has one. Either way, during the time your antiques or fine art remains in storage, the items would have full protection.
  • On-Time Delivery – If you need high-end items delivered as part of a grand opening or special event, you need reliable movers who will ensure your delivery is on time.


Your Most Trusted Movers

Gasperson Moving & Storage takes pride in handling all customer goods with extreme care, including antiques and fine art. We take precautionary steps to ensure your complete satisfaction. Contact us for more information or to have an estimator visit your home to make a free assessment of the cost.

Relocating for a New Job

Relocation Companies Share Tips For Relocating For a New Job, Asheville, NC

You did it. The company that interviewed you for your dream job hired you. While exciting, you realize that with your new position in a different state, you need to start planning to move. One critical thing to remember is that moving and relocating are often two different things. In your case, make sure you focus on professional relocation companies. That way, you receive the type of service that you need.

Relocation companies typically provide specialized services. For instance, instead of you gathering information and researching answers, a representative from the company can provide you with a list of action items. Included are things like changing or transferring utilities, forwarding mail, finding a new doctor or veterinarian, and so on.

Another unique service of the best relocation companies entails providing customers with information about the new destination. Whether going to a different city or state, these companies offer their customers details about the location of hospitals, public parks, golf courses, schools, dry cleaners, restaurants, doctors and dentists, and much more. As you can imagine, that service saves you a tremendous amount of time and effort that you could invest elsewhere.


Relocation Companies Help With Your Upcoming Move

What makes relocation services different from standard moving solutions is that the right company views things from the customer’s perspective. In other words, the entire staff tries to think like the customer and what the customer would need when relocating for a new job. Ultimately, a respected moving and storage company puts a plan in place that ensures a positive relocation experience.

As part of the relocation services, the company you hire will provide all the required supplies and materials. If you need assistance with packing, the company will send a team of experienced packers to your home to handle everything on your behalf. Once the moving truck arrives at your new address, another qualified team will take all the boxes inside, unpack them, and put items in their proper place.

If you have a second vehicle, piano, pool table, or some other oversized item to move, no problem. Professional relocators provide full-scale services. No matter what you need taken to your new home, the right company can accommodate. Even with that, when you do business with one of the best relocation companies, you can expect affordable prices.


Rely on the Best

With years of experience and unparalleled expertise, you can count on us at Gasperson Moving & Storage for your upcoming relocation needs. Instead of stressing about moving, you can start planning your future.

Moving into a Rental Space

Asheville Storage Units – Tips on Moving Into a Rental Space


When it comes to moving, there are many scenarios in which quality Asheville storage units come in handy. Regardless, the goal is to select a moving and storage company that has a clean, secure, and affordable facility, or partners with a reputable nationwide mover that has one. If you plan to move into a rental space, storage can be a lifesaver.

As an example, when moving into a rented home or apartment after selling your house, you may not have enough room for all your possessions. Whether you downgraded after the kids moved out, went through a divorce, or had a spouse pass away, you might not want to make any quick decisions as what items to toss out and what to keep. In this case, you can put some of your belongings in a storage unit and then sift through everything when time allows.

Moving into a rental space while remodeling your house is another prime reason for using one or more Asheville storage units. Especially with a full renovation and you are only planning to rent a place short term, you can select from a variety of unit sizes. If you need to store wooden or leather furniture, artwork, collectibles, electronics, and other sensitive items, you can choose a unit with humidity and temperature control.


Make Moving Easier with Asheville Storage Units

Of course, Asheville storage units are just as beneficial for commercial customers. If moving your business to a new location, remodeling, fumigating, or for extra inventory, off-site storage makes perfect sense. Just as with residential customers, you can choose from a variety of unit sizes and types. Even if you need multiple units, you can expect competitive prices if you find a reputable moving and storage company.

Some people forget they have the option of using Asheville storage units. Because of that oversight, they end up taking everything with them to the new rental space. As you can imagine, that makes a home environment uncomfortable and business less productive. With temporary storage, you and your family can live in peace or your employees can continue performing their duties without the distraction of clutter.


Safe and Secure Options

Gasperson Moving & Storage is a highly respected company that provides both stellar moving and storage services. No matter what your situation is, when you need to put items in storage, short- or long-long term, we can help. With our facility, you can focus on other things knowing your belongings are secure. For more information, please contact us today.

Professional Moving Companies Share Moving Tips

DIY Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

While you might have a good understanding of how valuable professional moving companies are, once you read over the list of do-it-yourself moving mistakes, you will appreciate their services even more. Usually, people choose self-moves as a way of saving money, or at least that is the intention. However, without having experience and expertise, things often go wrong, ultimately costing more than it would if hiring expert movers.

Although using professional moving companies is always the best option if you decide to move your possessions on your own, learn about common mistakes and how to avoid them.


  • Not Decluttering First – Especially if you tend to be a packrat, before packing anything, take time to sort through your belongings and discard anything broken. Then, you can either donate, recycle, or sell usable items. Decluttering will streamline the moving process. Also, with less to pack and move, you can get by with fewer supplies and a smaller truck.


  • Poor Planning – With busy schedules, it is easy to procrastinate. However, without allowing yourself enough time, you can expect to feel overwhelmed. After all, moving requires a lot of actions. You need to secure a truck, find boxes, change utilities, round up friends and family, organize, and more. The remedy is to start planning your move at least a month in advance, more if possible.


  • Using Inadequate Supplies – With a do-it-yourself move, it is essential that you use quality supplies, including boxes, packing paper, tape, and bubble wrap. You can avoid the bottom of a box ripping open by purchasing corrugated boxes. Also, never skimp on bubble wrap. For delicate items, this material offers the best protection. Remember, professional moving companies sell all types of supplies. While you might invest a little money, it is well worth it.


  • No Inventory List – One of the many advantages of hiring professional moving companies is that they use a labeling system that ensures every box and container that leaves the original property arrives at the new address. Unfortunately, many do-it-yourselfers pack boxes without taking an inventory. Only after unloading the truck do they learn that something has gone missing. As a self-mover, use a labeling system like expert movers do so that you can keep track of everything.


  • No Overnight Bag – Even if you plan to move a few miles from your current home, put an overnight bag together. Include a change of clothing, toiletries, medication, bottled water, snacks, important papers and contact information, cell phone charger, and pet food and leash, as well as a few children’s toys, if applicable. That way, you do not have to worry about digging through boxes to find necessities the first night in your new home.


Movers You Can Trust

The best way to avoid moving mistakes is by using professional services. Gasperson Moving & Storage offers affordable solutions for both residential and commercial customers. Contact us today for a free quote.

Moving Insurance?

People often ask if they need moving insurance. A common mistake is some individuals believe insurance is not a big deal. One thing that is important to understand is that moving companies are liable for some of your items and not all. The fact is that before you agree to have any movers transport your possessions, you need a clear understanding as to the type and level of protection available.

Keep in mind, even the best full service movers experience accidents. Whether due to another driver, weather, or something else, there are times when things go wrong. Fortunately, when you hire a reputable moving company, accidents are few and far between. Even so, you need to make sure that you have moving insurance to protect your belongings.


Insurance is Essential

Whether relocating a few blocks away, to a different city, or to the other side of the country, you need insurance. Many movers offer only limited or basic liability, to be sure all of your items are completely protected, you need to purchase moving insurance.

For optimum protection, you want to hire full service movers that offer replacement value coverage. That way, there is no price cap. With basic liability, only a small portion of the cost of damaged goods is covered. With full replacement, the insurer covers the value of anything lost, damaged, or destroyed. That applies to packing and unpacking if performed by the movers, loading and unloading, and transport.

Ultimately, you want full replacement moving insurance. This is a worthwhile investment.


Excellent Service

Gasperson Moving & Storage is one of the most respected of all full service movers. Along with excellent services, we offer outstanding liability coverage. Contact us today to learn more or to have an estimator come to your home.

Storage Units – Things to Consider When Choosing a Roommate

What to Consider When Choosing a Roommate

Perhaps one of the most critical decisions you will ever make has to do with choosing the right roommate. After all, you and possibly a complete stranger could end up sharing space within the same house. For that reason, it is essential that you know what to consider before inviting just anyone to live with you.


  • Sleeping Habits – Whether you work during the day or at night, you want a roommate with the same or close to the same schedule. The last you want is to go to bed only for another person to make noise by watching television, playing music, or having friends or family over to visit.


  • Cleanliness – Especially if you like to keep a clean and organized home, you should look for the same qualities in a roommate. That way, you avoid a messy house that would turn into an embarrassment, followed by arguments. If the two of you have too many possessions, storage units make an excellent solution. In fact, you could go in on one unit to help make the house less cluttered.


  • Quirks – Unfortunately, someone’s quirks and pet peeves do not come out until being around that person for some time. When interviewing different candidates, ask for honesty. While you both need to make some concessions, make sure the roommate you choose does not have some crazy quirks that would make life miserable.


  • Background Check – In addition to running a credit check, always have a background done on any potential roommate. That includes looking for any past criminal records but also checking with people that a candidate lived with prior. Often, talking to previous roommates will yield a wealth of helpful information to help with your selection.


  • Pets – If you have pets, you want a roommate who loves animals. If not, but you would accept a pet, you should first meet the animal. Ask whether a dog is potty trained, a cat declawed, if either has behavioral issues and so on.


  • Values and Morals – While two roommates do not necessarily need to share the same religious or political views, there does need to be common ground for values and morals. By having an honest conversation, you can learn a lot about a person.


If you want a roommate to move into a new home with you, you might look at options for storage units where you can place things until learning what all the other person plans to bring into the relationship. Depending on the scenario, you may need to consider either short- or long-term storage units. Regardless, select a facility with affordable space, climate-controlled units if needed, and most of all, excellent security.


Clean and Secure Storage Units in Asheville, NC

In addition to providing superior-quality moving services, at Gasperson Moving & Storage, we have clean, secure, and affordable units for storage. Contact us today to learn more.

Tips From Furniture Movers in Asheville, NC

Tips for Moving While Pregnant


While moving during your second trimester would probably be the easiest, if you plan to relocate while in your first or third trimester, the need for professional services becomes even more important. As you research different companies, remember that you can use a variety of keywords to find one that stands out. For instance, search by “moving companies near me,” “professional movers,” “moving and storage,” and even “expert furniture movers.”


Using the following tips, you will have a much easier and safer time moving while pregnant.


  • Doctor’s Permission – Before you even start searching for furniture movers, talk to your doctor to ensure the safety of both you and your unborn child. Especially if you have a higher risk pregnancy, moving could further complicate matters.


  • No Lifting – Being pregnant is not the time for a self-move. Regardless of whether you feel great and have lots of energy, the process could create a risk. At no time should you lift anything over 10 pounds or whatever weight your doctor recommends. Professional movers do all the lifting on your behalf. Even for lightweight items, always follow your doctor’s orders to avoid injuries commonly associated with pregnancy like pubic symphysis dysfunction, sacroiliac joint pain, back strain, and carpal tunnel pain.


  • New OB/GYN – If you plan to move to a different city or state, arrange healthcare from another reputable provider. Your current OB/GYN can likely offer you several suggestions. Also, schedule a checkup immediately following the move for peace of mind.


  • Accept Help and Delegate – If you have a Type A personality, meaning you like staying busy and in charge, while pregnant, you need to accept help and learn to delegate responsibilities. In addition to depending on the services of professional furniture movers, ask family and friends to help with other items like packing, organizing, donating, making phone calls and so on.


  • Advanced Planning – Because moving around while pregnant becomes more difficult, allow yourself plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming move. If you decide to handle the packing yourself, that will take a tremendous amount of strain off your body while giving you ample time to rest.


  • Avoid Brain Fog – Brain fog, also referred to as “pregnancy brain,” is common among pregnant women. Especially when moving, you have hundreds of things going through your mind at the same time. To avoid that, make lists and use a calendar.


  • Moving Day Kit – For a long-distance move, be sure to put a moving day kit together. After all, once the furniture movers leave with your possessions, you have no way to access anything. Include a few outfit changes, toiletries, snacks and bottled water, medication, crucial documents, important phone numbers, a first-aid kit, clothing, toys for other children, and supplies for any pets.


Professional Furniture Movers in Asheville, NC


At Gasperson Moving & Storage, we can eliminate a lot of your stress before and during your move. With our assistance, you can focus more on you and the health of your soon-to-be daughter or son. Call us today to discuss your moving needs.

Gasperson Moving and Storage in Asheville, NC

Gasperson Moving and Storage in Asheville, NC Shares Tips on Protecting Items Commonly Damaged During a Move


Hiring Gasperson Moving and Storage is the best way to avoid having items damaged during a relocation. However, even with a top-of-the-line mover, things happen. For optimum protection of your belongings, use the information provided to learn about things most commonly damaged and how to protect them.


Commonly Damaged Goods

Following are some examples of the most commonly damaged items during a move.

  • Pottery and Glassware – For obvious reasons, both pottery and glassware are at the greatest risk. For these items, the experts at Gasperson Moving and Storage recommend using extra protection. Also, make sure you select the right size box and wrap everything separately.
  • Artwork – Artwork is also at risk due to its fragility. Although you can carefully wrap items yourself, for your more expensive pieces, you should have the movers wrap and place them in boxes specially designed for this purpose.
  • Furniture – Anything oversized, oddly-shaped, and extremely heavy is prone to damage during a move. As with artwork, it is best to leave this type of furniture to Gasperson Moving and Storage.
  • Sporting Equipment – Unfortunately, many people do not take the time to disassemble sporting equipment, which can cause damage. To avoid that from happening, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for dismantling before the move.


Protecting Your Belongings

  • Professional Moving and Packing – Professional packing and unpacking is one of the many services offered by Gasperson Moving and Storage. Beyond convenience, having experts wrap and load your goods dramatically reduces the chance of damage. For that reason, you should consider using these services.
  • Packing Material – If you decide to handle the packing yourself, always start with high-quality packing material. The best moving companies recommend both bubble wrap and packing paper made for this purpose. If you want to save a little money yet still protect your possessions, you can also use layers of newspaper, linens, and clothing for wrapping.
  • Boxes – It is just as important that you use only the best packing boxes available. You can purchase them for a nominal price from Gasperson Moving and Storage. Another option entails getting them from retailers the day after they receive shipments. You can even check inside of dumpsters. Just make sure that you select boxes in premium condition, meaning they have no tears, rips, or stains.
  • Packing Method – Something else to consider is the way you pack things. One example is that when loading glass plates into boxes, never lay them flat. Instead, line them up on their sides. For more helpful tips, ask the professionals at Gasperson.


Expert Services From Gasperson Moving and Storage Based in Asheville, NC

For the best moving experience of your life, you can count on us at Gasperson Moving & Storage. We offer an affordable packing and unpacking service to put your mind at ease. For more information or to schedule a move, give us a call.

Packers and Movers in Asheville, NC

Local Packers and Movers in Asheville, NC Offer Tips on How to Pack a Kitchen


Of all rooms in the house, expert packers and movers agree that the kitchen is typically the most challenging to pack. In addition to dealing with food from the freezer and refrigerator, there is an assortment of small items in the drawers and breakables in the cabinets. Whether you have a small or large kitchen, the tips provided will help you streamline the packing process.

    • Give Yourself Time – Packing the kitchen takes time. For that reason, make sure you start as early as possible to eliminate rushing at the last minute. That way, everything arrives at your new place undamaged. Remember, if you have no time, you can take advantage of professional packers and movers from the moving company you hire.


    • Moving Appliances – When taking appliances to your new residence, the safest option is to use packing boxes made for that purpose. However, if you cannot locate boxes, use bubble wrap and moving blankets to protect the items. Before that, wrap electrical cords with rubber bands or zip ties and remove and store knobs in a zippered plastic bag that you place inside the door. That will ensure your appliances arrive without dents, scratches, or broken components.


    • Eating and Serving Utensils – Sort your eating and serving utensils by type, securing them with a rubber band. Then, place the items inside of a plastic or cardboard shoebox with the lid taped closed.


    • Glass Dishes – Professional packers and movers suggest placing a piece of bubble wrap in the bottom of the moving box when you are dealing with dishes. After wrapping individual plates with newspaper or bubble wrap, set them on their sides as opposed to laying them flat. If the box is large enough, place a flat piece of cardboard on top, followed by another sheet of bubble wrap. On the top half, you can put any bowls, cups, and glasses also protected by newspaper or bubble wrap. When you are finished, add a final layer of bubble wrap on top before sealing the box.


    • Cookware – Stack pots and pans to fill a moving box. From there, wrap the glass lids with newspaper or bubble wrap, placing them handle side down on top of the stacked cookware.


    • Miscellaneous – For small things like corn cob holders, skewers, scales, and so on, place them in small boxes that you put inside of appliances. If you are not moving appliances, you can put the boxes in void spaces like luggage, clothes hampers, or other boxes with a little room available.


  • Food – As you go through your cabinets and pantry, pay close attention to expiration dates. Toss out anything that is too old to use. If you know you will never eat an item, give it away. Professional packers and movers suggest waiting until the last minute to pack cold food. If your new home is nearby, you can transport the food in boxes. Otherwise, use coolers with ice.