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Suggested Housewarming Gifts from One of Asheville, NC’s Top Moving and Storage Companies

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Great Housewarming Gift Ideas

When you have family or friends moving to a new home, there is nothing better than throwing a housewarming party for them. Talk to them about dates and choose one that works best for them. Typically, this should be after their choice of moving and storage companies has delivered their household goods and they have had a chance to get settled in. Be sure you ask them for a list of handy items they could use for their new home. If they don’t have many ideas, we have created a few for you:

  • Potted Plants – There is nothing quite like beautiful potted plants as housewarming gifts. Alternatively, you could buy them a few succulents that can be put in windows or out on the deck.
  • A Family Sign – Choose a sign material that matches the outside of their new home and have their name put on it. Carved wood is perfect for country houses while etched metal signs look better on a contemporary or traditional home.
  • Tea or Coffee – Create a small tea or coffee sampler with a variety of flavors and styles such as Earl Gray, White Ambrosia, Chamomile, French Roast, and so forth that they can use anytime.
  • Olive Oil – Large bottles of olive oil look great sitting on a kitchen counter and will ensure they think of you each time they cook with the oil.
  • Coffee Mugs – Grab a couple of coffee mugs, a couple of different flavors of coffee beans, and an electric grinder. This way you will be on their mind every time they make their morning coffee.
  • Candles – Candles are among the most common housewarming gifts, be sure to ask about their favorite scents.


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Even after hiring one of the best moving companies, many people still find it difficult to move. Hosting a housewarming party complete with snacks and gifts can go a long way towards helping them settle in. For more ideas, contact Gasperson Moving & Storage, our agents are full of great ideas.