What To Expect From Your Moving Estimate

What to Expect in Your Moving Estimate

For a seamless move, it is essential that you hire one of the best moving companies, preferably one that offers temporary storage. As part of that, a representative will provide you with an estimate as to what you would pay for the services rendered. You can have a professional estimator come to your home to assess the volume and type of goods involved. Based on the finding, the estimator will provide you with a quote that you can then compare to others to help with the decision-making process.

An excellent way to make sure you receive a fair and accurate estimate is by knowing what one should cover. That way, you can quickly identify anything that seems too high, and you can address hidden fees. First, you need to understand the three types of estimates:

  • Binding – The price on this estimate stands firm, meaning the company must honor the amount quoted, barring any changes on your end.
  • Non-Binding – Although it is based on the estimator’s best guess, you would only pay for the actual weight of the load as well as any add-on services provided. If the bill comes back higher, you are responsible for paying just 110 percent of the written estimate when the movers deliver your goods. However, you can expect a bill at some point for the remaining fees.
  • Binding-Not-to-Exceed Estimate – Similar to a binding estimate, this one means you would pay less than the estimate if your possessions do not weigh as much as the estimator stated.

You should receive an inventory list. If the company does not offer one, request it. This will include everything the movers will take, including the approximate number of containers and boxes. With a copy, you can check for accuracy. When hiring one of the best moving companies with temporary storage, the list should show where different items go.

Moving companies charge additional fees for things like stairs, long-carry service, packing and unpacking, furniture assembly and installation, and the loading of large and oversized items. If you opt for insurance or storage, they too should be on the estimate.


Quality and Affordability

When you hire Gasperson Moving and Storage, we will gladly go over each line item on your estimate to answer any questions and make sure you agree to all charges. As one of the best moving companies with temporary storage, we can accommodate all your needs.

Experts From Leading Moving Companies In Asheville Share Winter Moving Tips

Winter Moving Tips From Moving Companies in Asheville

Regardless of the time of year, moving comes with challenges. However, relocating during the cold winter months takes things to an entirely different level. If you find yourself in a position of needing to move, whether to a new home or as part of a company relocation, the tips provided will make the process easier.


  • Expert Assistance – The most important tip is to hire one of the top moving companies in Asheville. That decision alone will eliminate a tremendous amount of unnecessary stress. Leaving your possessions in the hands of a trusted source allows you to focus on other aspects of the move while feeling confident the movers will deliver everything on time and unscathed.
  • Materials – If possible, purchase high-quality boxes and other supplies from one of the best moving companies in Asheville. However, if you decide to search for containers in dumpsters or from behind stores, make sure you select only the best. Remember, winter moves often involve snow and rain, which means poor-quality boxes will not hold up. As you can imagine, that puts your belongings at risk for damage.
  • Plan Ahead – Although winter is the quieter season for moving companies, depending on where you relocate to, the journey could be somewhat treacherous. Respected movers have logistics experts on staff responsible for identifying the fastest but also safest routes. Even so, there is a chance of running into bad weather conditions. Planning as far as in advance as possible gives you more time to get organized, but it also helps the movers identify the best options for their travels.
  • Emergency Preparation – If you plan to drive your vehicle to your new home, make sure you prepare an emergency kit. Include bottled water, non-perishable food, candles, and waterproof matches, blankets, a flashlight and batteries, a phone charger, and waterproof boots just in case you become stuck.


For professional service, regardless of the time of year, contact us at Gasperson Moving and Storage. As a leader among moving companies in Asheville, we remain 100 percent dedicated to every customer we serve.

Gasperson Moving Shares Tips For Moving During The Holidays

Moving During the Holidays

Although you are probably excited about your upcoming move, the fact that it falls over the holidays has created some stress. With everything else going on during this time of the year, trying to organize a move can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, you can rely on Gasperson Moving located in Asheville. With a history dating back more than 100 years and as an agent of North American Van Lines, you have the assurance of a seamless process.

Along with hiring Gasperson Moving in Asheville to assist with your move, you have other things to do. To make your holiday move easier, consider the following tips.

  • Attitude – Start by having the right attitude. You understand that moving over the holidays is not ideal, so accept it and plan around it. The way you look at the situation will make all the difference for you and your family members.
  • Schedule Your Move – Although the holiday season is not the peak season for moving companies, it is still a busy time of the year. The minute you know about your move, contact a reputable company like Gasperson Moving in Asheville. A representative will schedule an estimator to come to your home if you want to assess the items involved, and they will then give you an accurate quote.
  • Budget – Along with the cost of the move, you still need to spend money on gifts. Especially when you are moving during the holiday season, create a reasonable budget and do everything possible to stick with it. If you need to cut back a little because of the relocation, your family members and friends will understand.
  • Donating Items – Before packing, take time to go through your possessions to see if you have anything to donate to a charitable organization. Anything unused or unwanted but in excellent condition will help someone in need while eliminating the need for you to take it with you.
  • Add-On Services – If there was ever a time to take advantage of the add-on services that moving companies provide, this is it. While you can choose from a host of options, having a team of professionals to pack up your belongings is one of the best. Not only that, but after arriving at your new home, either the same team or a second highly qualified crew will unpack everything, even putting items in their proper places under your guidance. As a result, you settle in faster, giving you time to enjoy the holiday festivities.


Stress-Free Moving

At Gaperson Moving in Asheville, we would love the opportunity to make your holiday move as stress-free as possible. Along with excellent moving solutions, we offer top-of-the-line storage. Contact us today to learn more.