Moving With Pets – Your Local Asheville Movers

Moving with Pets – Tips From Your Local Asheville Movers

When choosing Asheville movers, you want to hire a full-service company with many years of experience; this ensures peace of mind that the movers can handle any residential move, big or small. In addition to the physical move, the right company will gladly offer information and tips for different scenarios. For instance, if you plan to move with pets, a reputable moving company will share information to make it safer and less stressful.


Helpful Tips


  • Vaccinations / Health Certificate – Make sure your pets are up-to-date on all shots. If moving to a different state, also obtain a health certificate from the vet: many states require this when crossing a state line with animals. To avoid any issues, carry both a health certificate and proof of your pet’s vaccination status.
  • New Veterinarian – For a long-distance move, professional Asheville movers recommend you find a reputable vet before moving. If an animal becomes ill while traveling, you would have a trusted place to go.
  • Tags – Visit your local pet supply company to make tags for your pet’s collar that include the animal’s name, your new address, and phone number. If for some reason your animal becomes lost in transit or takes off after arriving at your new home, there is an excellent chance of getting it back.
  • Lease Tethering – Not tethering an animal in the car is one of the biggest mistakes that pet owners make when moving with an animal. For this, loop one end of the leash through something secure in the vehicle, pulling the clasp end through the handle. Securing the clasp to the collar or harness ensures safety. If your car crashed, the animal could not escape when first responders open the door. When stopping for gas or food, there is no way for the animal to run away. Crating your pet is another option.
  • Acclimation – Top Asheville movers suggest taking your pets inside the home on a leash or in a crate so that you can introduce them to the new house Once inside with all the doors securely shut, allow the animal to investigate. Even with a backyard, use a leash initially, taking time to inspect the fence for any holes.


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For local, intrastate, interstate, and even out-of-country moves, Gasperson Moving & Storage is a highly respected choice. Our Asheville movers work hard to surpass every customer’s expectations. For more information, call or visit our website.

Gasperson Packers and Movers

Green Moving Tips to Ensure an Eco-Friendly Move

Considering the increasing number of individuals and businesses interested in making environmentally-friendly choices, it should come as no surprise that many professional moving companies now offer “green” solutions. These packers and movers want to do things that improve the environment while meeting the demands of the customers who prefer eco-friendly options.


Tips to Ensure an Eco-Friendly Move From Your Local Packers and Movers:


  • Boxes and Containers – Take advantage of containers you already have on hand. For example, you can use dresser drawers, suitcases, pillow cases, duffel bags, reusable totes for grocery shopping, and so on. As for boxes, either purchase recycled products or dumpster dive for those in excellent condition. When finished, return them to a recycling drop-off bin or facility or store them for future use.
  • Packing Materials – Like containers and boxes, use your creativity to come up with environmentally-friendly packing materials. Some of the best options include clothing, linens, and blankets. Newspapers or old magazines you have on hand work great for wrapping breakables.
  • Donate, Sell, and Recycle – Before the packers and movers show up, donate, sell, and recycle any unwanted or unused items. In addition to making an eco-friendly choice, your action will benefit someone else and reduce the weight of the load when moving, thereby saving you money.
  • Kitchen Last – Instead of packing all your plates, bowls, cups, and eating utensils, leave enough out to accommodate the family. That decision eliminates the need to purchase paper or plastic products to get by temporarily.
  • Fewer Trips – Whether using a rented moving truck or several vehicles, pack them as full as possible to reduce the number of trips you make between one location and another. That way, you spend less fuel, which saves you money and reduces air pollution.
  • Eco-Friendly Moving Company – When hiring professional packers and movers, choose a company committed to eco-friendly business practices. As part of that, it should use trucks that run on biodiesel fuel, as well as recycled boxes and packing materials. It should also have a highly efficient team that can get all your possessions moved in one load.


Your Most Reliable Source

At Gasperson Moving & Storage, we can support your request for an eco-friendly move. Our professional packers and movers will streamline the moving process, thereby eliminating unnecessary stress and chaos. For help with your upcoming move, please call us or visit our website. We would appreciate the chance to serve you as a valued customer.

Moving Safely: How to Avoid Injuries

Moving Safely: How to Avoid Injuries – Tips from your local Gasperson furniture movers

There are two primary reasons for hiring professional furniture movers: First, they know what they are doing; because of that, they work quickly and efficiently. Second, as experts, there is less risk of someone sustaining an injury. Especially if you have heavy or oversized pieces, moving without professional assistance makes the process more difficult and potentially dangerous.

The Versatility of Furniture Movers

Before discussing ways to move furniture while avoiding injuries, consider the versatility these experts offer. For instance, they move pieces from one location to another for both residential and commercial customers. They disassemble, reassemble, and install furniture as needed, Also, if you order new furniture from a store, the movers can pick it up and deliver it on your behalf.

Safety Tips

To ensure your and your family’s safety, as well as that of your belongings, start by using professional furniture movers associated with a reputable moving company; that way, you know they have experience and extensive training. These experts also have proper licensing, bonding, and insurance. If an item sustains damage or a worker an injury, liability falls back on the moving company as opposed to your renter or homeowner’s insurance.


Whether moving furniture yourself or hiring professional furniture movers, the following safety measures are essential:


  • Gear – It is imperative to wear proper gear when moving furniture, including are steel-toed work boots, heavy-duty gloves, and a waist belt to prevent back injuries.


  • Equipment – Using the right equipment will dramatically reduce any risk of injury. As an example, a furniture dolly, flat carts, forearm forklift, hydraulic wheels, furniture glides, and either a stand-up dolly or mechanical lift are critical when loading items onto the moving truck.


  • Assistance – Anything heavy or oversized requires at least two people. As an example, there should be two to three people moving a sofa, depending on its length and weight. Trying to load and unload something without assistance is a recipe for disaster.


  • Posture – Always bend from the knees when lifting furniture. In other words, rather than using your back, bend at the knees so your legs do most of the work.


  • Straps – When using dollies, it is essential to first strap the furniture piece securely in place; otherwise, one misstep could cause the item to shift and fall. Not only would that cause damage to the furniture, but as the individual tries to prevent the accident, there is an excellent chance of twisting the back or pulling a muscle.


Reputable Furniture Movers

Regardless of your situation, at Gasperson Moving & Storage, we employ incredibly talented movers. We invite you to visit our website or call to speak with a representative about your specific needs.

Reducing Clutter Before a Move

Reducing Clutter Before a Move

Are you looking for tips on how to make your upcoming move less stressful? If so, start by eliminating as much clutter as possible. Whether you decide to sell, donate, recycle, or toss items out, decluttering in advance will reduce chaos and save you money. After all, the fewer things the household movers take to your new home, the less you will spend on professional moving services.

Selling Items

Approximately a month before your scheduled move, go through everything to identify items that you no longer want or need. When selling your possessions, you have several options, including a garage sale, swap and shop pages on Facebook, advertising through Craig’s List and other online services, and so on. To sell things quickly, keep the prices down or show flexibility when bartering with customers.

Charitable Donations

Another excellent way to de-stress and lighten your load before the household movers show up is to donate some of your belongings. Wait until you sell as much as possible, and then take the leftover items to an organization that accepts donations. You can also contact non-profit groups like the Salvation Army or a local thrift shop to have their drivers do a pick up at your current home. Make sure that you donate only usable items; toss out anything broken, damaged, or missing parts.


What makes recycling so appealing is that, in addition to eliminating unwanted possessions, you do something good for the environment. Because so many individuals and businesses now recycle, you can either take items to a recycling facility or locate a drop-off box close to where you live.

Throwing Things Away

As a last resort, toss out anything that you could not sell, donate, or recycle. For example, damaged children’s toys ripped or stained clothing, chipped vases, and so on have no value – so throw them away.

Streamlining Your Move

By taking these actions before your scheduled move, the household movers will have less to deal with, allowing them to work even faster. Without so much “stuff” lying around, packing becomes easier as well, whether you do it yourself or use the services of the moving company you hire.

For the best move of your life, you can trust the professional household movers from Gasperson Moving & Storage. Along with our many years of experience and expertise, as an agent of North American Van Lines, we have access to a broad range of resources. Call or visit our website today.