Moving Tips to Get Your Deposit Back

Along with the first and last month’s rent, when you move into a new apartment, you should put down a security deposit. By law, the property owner must hold onto that money in case of any damage to the unit. All too often, tenants and landlords end up in small claims court, fighting over the deposit.

Apartment Move-Out Checklist

For you to get your deposit back, it is essential that you do certain things. Before the mover you hire places any item inside your home, take date and time stamped photos of each room. Do the same on the day you move out. Also, follow the checklist provided to ensure you receive every dime of your security deposit back.

  • Floors – Sweep and mop all floors. For carpeting, it is worth hiring a professional company to shampoo.
  • Walls – Wipe down all walls, including light and power outlet covers, vents, hooks, and so on. Also, remove all nails, followed by using spackling to fill the holes, and sand the surface smooth. If you repainted the walls with your landlord’s permission with the agreement you would return the color back to white, make sure you do a perfect repaint job.
  • Light Fixtures – Clean ceiling fans and wash all glass components of light fixtures.
  • Windows – Thoroughly clean windows inside and out. As part of that, be sure to focus on the tracks and blinds. 
  • Doors – Wipe down doors, including the knobs and frames.
  • Appliances – Leave the refrigerator, stove/oven combination, microwave, and washer and dryer, if provided, clean.
  • Countertops and Cabinets – Clean every inch of the kitchen and bathroom countertops and deep inside cabinets and drawers.
  • Bathroom – Clean and sanitize all surfaces. For the sink and bathtub, apply caulk if necessary.
  • Repairs – Fix anything damaged or broken, such as holes or tears in carpeting, windows and screens, and door locks. Also, replace missing items, including drip pans on the stove, burnt-out light bulbs, blinds, and non-working smoke detectors. Install a clean furnace filter.
  • Junk – Do not leave one item behind. Throw out old furniture, planters, or even clothes that you no longer want instead of leaving the job to your landlord. You can hire a mover to assist with this if you need help.

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