Commercial Movers’ Advice on How to Plan & Complete an Office Move

Industry-Leading Commercial Movers’ Tips on Planning & Completing an Office Move in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

Planning to move your business or office is a lot of work. Your office is made up of employees you have known over the years, so it is crucial to keep them informed and engaged with the move from the very beginning. Here are some steps you can take with the advice of Gasperson Moving & Storage’s commercial movers on how to plan and complete an office move in no time.


Office Moving Checklist

Keeping your move organized and efficient is key to completing a smooth move. The faster things are back to normal, the quicker your company can resume business. Here is a checklist to complete so your move is completed with ease:

  1. Secure and locate your new office’s location.
  2. Sign the property lease of your new location and have your lawyer review the terms.
  3. Choose your moving day.
  4. Tell your property manager when you plan to move.
  5. Inform employees, customers, partners, and resources about your upcoming move.
  6. Form a team to handle the move’s logistics and communication with commercial movers.
  7. Create a schedule for the move, when to pack, and when to begin working at the new location.
  8. Establish your budget.
  9. Make a complete office inventory.
  10. Get rid of items you will not need and plan what upgrades can happen in the new office.
  11. Contact commercial movers to complete several estimates before picking your movers.
  12. Book your moving and storage services.
  13. Set up IT services within your company or with your movers.
  14. Back up all files.
  15. Update your company’s business address.
  16. Reconfirm move with movers.
  17. Pack belongings.
  18. Complete a final walkthrough.
  19. Give out new company keys and cards.
  20. Complete move in day with commercial movers!

While this sounds like a lot, you will be a step closer to completing your move with these tips. Start planning now and make your move a breeze. Simplify your office move today.


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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Professional Movers?

Moving and Storage Tips on How Much It Costs to Hire Professional Movers in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

The price of your move and hiring professional movers is essential to planning out your upcoming move. Knowing the price to expect will allow you to start budgeting for your move, choosing your professional movers, and you will be able to set that moving day date. Gasperson Moving & Storage provides information on how much it costs and what effects the price of hiring professional movers.


Stipulations of Price

There are many factors that affect the price of your move. Local moves are usually $50.00 an hour. If you are moving a 2-bedroom home that takes 5-6 hours, you can expect your move to cost $750.00 to $900.00. This same move at a cross-country distance can cost about $3,400 to $4,100.

  • The weight of items being moved.
  • The size of your home.
  • Distance of the move.
  • Moving large or specialized items: antiques, piano.
  • Different Moving and Storage Services.

While these prices cover the necessities of a move, there are extra fees involved depending on how your move is completed or handled.

  • Cancellation Fees
  • Extra Stop Charges
  • Disposal Fees
  • Long Distance Carry Fees

Be sure to ask professional movers about these fees and prices during your initial estimate. The estimate is the best time to gather this information and see how you will plan your move.


Budgeting Your Move

You can cut costs with these following tips if you are looking to save money while moving.

  • Negotiate a lower price with your professional movers.
  • Pack your own belongings.
  • Do not take everything: donate or throw away items you do not need.

These tips will help you start planning and organizing your moving and storage budget. There are many details to take in and consider, but your move will be well on its way before you know it. Be sure to complete an in-person estimate so movers can see everything you are moving and ask many questions to learn about their charges and extra fees.


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