Business Movers’ Advice on Reopening Your Office Amid Coronavirus

Reliable Business Movers Provides Tips on How to Reopen Your Office in Asheville, NC During COVID-19

Coming back to work and reopening your office during the Coronavirus pandemic involves many steps and plans to get your employees and schedules back in the swing of things. As everyone is returning and business is acquiring it’s new normal, here are Gasperson Moving and Storage’s business movers’ advice and top tips on reopening your office in Asheville, NC during this trying time.

  • De-Clutter – Coming back to work creates an opportunity to reassess what you really need. This is a good time to consider commercial moving and storage services to store your unneeded belongings and office equipment to cut back on clutter. Items such as extra desks and cubicles can be stored to allow for more room in the office.
  • Storage Solutions – Many businesses are taking the time to renovate and change the layout of their workspaces whether for personal preferences or to create spaces for safe social distancing. Don’t get rid of anything but consider hiring business movers to pack and move whatever you don’t need at this moment to a moving company’s short-term or long-term storage facility. Security monitored and climate-controlled, your belongings will be safe until you need them again.
  • Hire Professionals – If your business is reopening or moving during this time, consider hiring professional business movers so they can handle the logistics of the move, the packing, moving, storing, drop off, and unpacking for you. This will help give your business the downtime it needs to prepare for reopening and help your employees focus on their tasks on hand while the move is being handled by the professionals.
  • Hassle-Free – By hiring professional business movers, the stress of the move, packing, lifting, and more will all be taken care of for you. During this challenging time, let one thing be covered as your move can be streamlined to your next location or to rejuvenate your reopening.

With these tips, your business will be back and ready to open with a fresh new layout or location. These moves or renovations, paired with moving and storage solutions, will help you and your business reopen during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


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Packers and Movers’ Tips on Involving Employees in Your Business Move

Professional Packers and Movers Provide Advice on Involving Employees in Your Business Move

There are many people involved in moving businesses, like moving companies and your employees, just to name a few. At your company, the move affects your employees, and their hard work and ideas can smooth the transition. You hired these great thinkers and qualified individuals like Gasperson Moving & Storage for a reason; let them help. Here are our professional packers and movers’ tips on involving your employees in your move-in Asheville, NC and surrounding areas.

  • Communication – Moving puts a huge strain on your employees. Even with the professional help of hired packers and movers, your employees’ daily lives are impacted. Have meetings and check-in to make sure everyone is handling the changes and expectations well. Make sure they know when they need to pack, and when moving day is.
  • Brainstorm – A move is a great opportunity to improve the workspace. Let your employees have a say in planning out the new office’s design. Are you in need of more printers? Were there enough cubicles, or were certain areas too crowded?
  • Assignments – Create assignments or checkpoints to organize a moving schedule. Plan when certain steps should be made by the employees, such as packing or when work begins at the new location. Assign your leaders to oversee the moving and organization. Do you have any I.T. employees to prepare the computers? Most importantly, assign a liaison between the company and the packers and movers.
  • Work Loads – Moving and packing requires a lot of work. So does making sure all the business’ inventory, paperwork, and more stays organized during the relocation. Allow time for your employees to pack without overloading their expected work. Maybe hire temporary help to lighten the load of routine tasks or rent a temporary office where your employees can work away from the chaos of the move.

At the end of the move, take some time to gather feedback on the process. Involving your employees will not only streamline the move but will help your employees adapt to the coming changes. With open communication and proper moving and storage services, the move will go smoothly.


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