Tips for Moving During the Summer

Gasperson Moving & Storage in Asheville, NC Shares Their Advice

Summer is here, school’s out, and for many American families, it’s time to move. While the other three seasons have their own beauty, summer has long been the most popular time to move. The cold short days of winter have given way to the fresh flowers and singing birds of spring. Spring has finally come to an end and as the movers and packers at Gasperson Moving & Storage, the busy season has arrived.


Summer is “Busy Season”

Being the busiest time of year for moving companies like Gasperson Moving & Storage also has another meaning. One that says if you don’t book your moving date at least six to eight weeks in advance, you probably aren’t going to get the date you want. Book early to make sure we have a team ready to help move your family and household on the right day.


Hire Professional Movers

Summers in Asheville, NC are packed with dozens of things to do and places to go, all of which must be packed into just a few short months. The best way to make sure you and your family get to take advantage of all there is to do, is let our team provide you with a full-service move. What is this, you ask? A full-service means allowing us to provide you with a team of highly experienced packers to get everything ready to go. This means more time for you and your family to do things like check out Sliding Rock Natural Waterslide in the heart of Pisgah National Forest. Or perhaps you could spend time at Splasheville in Pack Square Park. Things you wouldn’t have time to do if you had to do all the packing.


Packing Yourself?

Should you decide that you would like to do the packing yourself, the best way to get it done without completely tiring yourself out, is to start early and pack a few boxes each day. Done right, by the time our moving truck and team arrive, you should have everything packed. Be sure you pack your breakables very carefully. If you don’t the movers are not responsible for any damage. If this doesn’t sound good, maybe you should consider our partial pack option. We can provide you with professional packers who know how to properly pack breakable and valuable items to ensure they have a safe journey.


Stay Cool & Stay Hydrated

Summers in Asheville, NC can reach the mid to upper 80s with humidity levels to match. Whether you are handling the packing yourself or allow us to do the packing for you, be sure to turn the air conditioning on. Packing is hard, hot work and keeping your house cool will make the job much easier. Be sure you have plenty of ice-cold water on hand for anyone involved in packing (including the pros). You should also let your packers know if anything in your belongings is heat sensitive, this way they can be handled appropriately.


Contact Gasperson Moving & Storage

If you would like more summer moving tips or need to book your moving date, contact Gasperson Moving & Storage today. We are an agent of North American Van Lines, with over 120 years’ experience and are here to help make your next move stress-free!





Unpacking After a Move

Tips on Unpacking from the Top Moving Companies in Asheville, NC

Getting settled into a new home can be stressful and take time. But having a solid plan of action at the outset can make your life a little less stressful as you settle in. Top moving companies in Asheville, NC like Gasperson Moving & Storage should have labeled, or color coded the boxes from each room in your previous house. Doing this make getting into the right rooms in your house so that you can unpack them far easier. The best way to get started is to open the boxes for rooms your family needs to use first. These typically include bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen.


  • In the Bedrooms – Start with boxes that contain the things everyone is likely to need first. This should include sheets, blankets, and of course pillows. If you have to be at work the day after your boxes arrive, be sure you located your work attire and keep them separate and easy to reach. Most moving companies in Asheville, NC will have hung all clothes that are on hangers in the appropriate closets. In most cases, your folded clothes will still be in the dresser drawers they belong in. Along with all of this, don’t forget you need to find your alarm clock.
  • In the Bathroom – Along with making sure everyone has a place to sleep and clothes to wear (especially for those who have to go to work the next day), you need to get the bathroom set up. Be sure you unpack everything needed for showers or baths. The list should include towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Be sure you bring a shower curtain with you, most of the time there won’t be one there for you, unless your bathrooms have glass doors. Finally, be sure you unpack everyone’s toothbrushes, toothpaste, and any cosmetics (for the ladies) that you might need for work.
  • In the Kitchen – Typically, your first night in your new home is the perfect time to order food and have it delivered. You can always use paper plates and plastic cups. You could do this for the first couple of nights or so until you have time to completely unpack everything. Before you get started, take the time to look at the kitchen cabinets and put together a plan of action that includes knowing where you plan to put everything.Then you can start unpacking your plates, cups, glasses, silverware, and cooking utensils. If you have things like bakeware and equipment, these can be left for last as you probably won’t be using them immediately. The idea is to make your new kitchen functional as soon as possible, so if you don’t plan to use certain things for a while, they can be left for last.


Contact Gasperson Moving & Storage

Once you have the essentials taken care of, then you can take your time unpacking the rest of your home. If you have any more questions about unpacking your new home or about moving in general, contact Gasperson Moving & Storage online or by calling (828) 263-6736, one of the top moving companies in Asheville, NC. We’re here to help!