Moving Fitness Equipment

Tips from Expert Moving Companies in Asheville, NC

If you are planning a DIY move and have a home full of fitness equipment, there are a few things you need to know before you get started. Fitness equipment is bulky and heavy, leading many to hire professional moving companies in Asheville, NC to handle the work. Their teams have the tools and knowledge needed to do the job right and help you avoid injuring yourself. The pros at Gasperson Moving & Storage are more than happy to help with moving your bigger pieces of fitness gear, but if you decide to go it alone, they offer these tips.


  1. Unplug Equipment – Items such as treadmills, elliptical machines, and so forth are plugged into the wall. Be sure you unplug them before you start. Leaving them plugged in can lead to a high risk of electrical shock.
  2. Bend Your Knees – Sounds obvious, but you might be surprised at how many people forget to bend their knees and not their backs when lifting heavy items. Using your back is likely to result in serious injury.
  3. “The Tilt” – If you watch the movers from top moving companies in Asheville, NC, the use the two-person lift method where one tilts the item back, allowing the other to begin the lift by tilting the item so as to let the other person get their hands in place before lifting the piece to move it.
  4. Know When It’s a “Two-Person Job” – There is nothing wrong with carrying light items by yourself. However, when it comes to heavier pieces, even the pros use the two-person lift method to avoid injury.
  5. Use a Dolly, When Needed – When moving heavy items, you will soon find a two-wheel dolly can be your best friend.
  6. Look at the Owner’s Manual – Most items have specific moving or disassembly/reassembly requirements that can be found in the owner’s manual. Be sure you follow them carefully.
  7. Use Equipment Wheels – Many heavier items like treadmills have built-in wheels. They make moving them much easier, be sure you make good use of them.
  8. Securing in the Truck – When loading fitness equipment into your moving truck, use moving blankets to cover it and then ratcheting tie-down straps to secure it into place.


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Moving heavy fitness equipment presents unique challenges, and in most instances, this job is best left to professionals like those at Gasperson Moving & Storage. Contact us today and let us help you with moving your fitness equipment safely.

DIY Moving Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Tips from Expert Movers in Asheville, NC

If you are like many people who are preparing for a move, you might be tempted to cut your expenses by doing the packing and moving yourself. The reality is that a DIY move can end up taking more time and result in damage to your household goods, which in turn costs you more than hiring a professional moving service. If you are still planning to take care of everything yourself, here are some tips from professional movers in Asheville, NC from Gasperson Moving & Storage that might help you avoid making costly mistakes.


The Right Moving Supplies

Professional movers in Asheville, NC say that one of the biggest mistakes many people make is their choice of moving and packing supplies. Consider this list of essential supplies:

  • Professional Grade Boxes – These boxes have a high crush rating and are made to stack easily in the moving truck.
  • Packing Paper – Newspaper can leave ink stains on your belongings, professional packing paper is thicker and stronger, has no print on it, and will do a better job of protecting your valuables.
  • Packing Tape – This is another area can’t afford to cut corners, cheap tape is not likely to hold, causing your boxes to come open as they are moved, spilling their contents.
  • Markers and Colored Stickers – Use these to color code and number your boxes, making it easier to know which room they go in when they are unloaded into your new home. Numbering them also lets you make sure the correct number of boxes have arrived.
  • Two-Wheel Dolly – To help you move heavy items and stacks of boxes into and out of the truck.
  • Moving Blankets and Straps – To help protect furniture and keep things from moving around in the back of the truck.

Proper Packing Methods

Improper packing methods are also a common problem that often ends up with several damaged items at the other end of your journey. Top moving companies have developed their own packing methods designed to protect your breakables. For example, each plate, cup, saucer, and glass will be individually wrapped using packing paper before being placed in the box. Furniture is typically covered in moving blankets to protect it from nicks and dings. They even have specific ways to pack lampshades to ensure they aren’t damaged.

Avoid Using Friends and Neighbors

Many people turn to family members, friends, and neighbors for help with packing and loading the boxes in the truck. This often results in damage to your property that can be easily avoided by using experienced help. The best movers organize their teams into packers and skilled loaders who know how to lift and load heavy items without injury or damage to your belongings.

Packing the Truck

Before the first box is loaded into the truck, professional movers in Asheville, NC plan their loading sequence from start to finish. Boxes and furniture must all be packed in such a way as to avoid them shifting while the truck is in motion causing damage or changing the weight distribution, which can cause an accident.


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By following these tips, you may be able to avoid making the most common DIY moving mistakes. If you decide to leave the packing and moving to a team of professional movers in Asheville NC, be sure to contact Gasperson Moving & Storage and let us create a custom moving plan that meets your needs and budget.