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Local Packers and Movers in Asheville, NC Offer Tips on How to Pack a Kitchen


Of all rooms in the house, expert packers and movers agree that the kitchen is typically the most challenging to pack. In addition to dealing with food from the freezer and refrigerator, there is an assortment of small items in the drawers and breakables in the cabinets. Whether you have a small or large kitchen, the tips provided will help you streamline the packing process.

    • Give Yourself Time – Packing the kitchen takes time. For that reason, make sure you start as early as possible to eliminate rushing at the last minute. That way, everything arrives at your new place undamaged. Remember, if you have no time, you can take advantage of professional packers and movers from the moving company you hire.


    • Moving Appliances – When taking appliances to your new residence, the safest option is to use packing boxes made for that purpose. However, if you cannot locate boxes, use bubble wrap and moving blankets to protect the items. Before that, wrap electrical cords with rubber bands or zip ties and remove and store knobs in a zippered plastic bag that you place inside the door. That will ensure your appliances arrive without dents, scratches, or broken components.


    • Eating and Serving Utensils – Sort your eating and serving utensils by type, securing them with a rubber band. Then, place the items inside of a plastic or cardboard shoebox with the lid taped closed.


    • Glass Dishes – Professional packers and movers suggest placing a piece of bubble wrap in the bottom of the moving box when you are dealing with dishes. After wrapping individual plates with newspaper or bubble wrap, set them on their sides as opposed to laying them flat. If the box is large enough, place a flat piece of cardboard on top, followed by another sheet of bubble wrap. On the top half, you can put any bowls, cups, and glasses also protected by newspaper or bubble wrap. When you are finished, add a final layer of bubble wrap on top before sealing the box.


    • Cookware – Stack pots and pans to fill a moving box. From there, wrap the glass lids with newspaper or bubble wrap, placing them handle side down on top of the stacked cookware.


    • Miscellaneous – For small things like corn cob holders, skewers, scales, and so on, place them in small boxes that you put inside of appliances. If you are not moving appliances, you can put the boxes in void spaces like luggage, clothes hampers, or other boxes with a little room available.


  • Food – As you go through your cabinets and pantry, pay close attention to expiration dates. Toss out anything that is too old to use. If you know you will never eat an item, give it away. Professional packers and movers suggest waiting until the last minute to pack cold food. If your new home is nearby, you can transport the food in boxes. Otherwise, use coolers with ice.

Residential Moving Companies in Asheville, NC

Residential Moving Companies in Asheville, NC


Tips for Moving into a Smaller Space

Whether you are moving into a smaller space out of necessity or desire, it does not come without challenges. Especially if you currently have plenty of available space, you might find it hard to imagine your life in cramped quarters. Fortunately, there are several solutions to help you get through the moving process, and enjoy your smaller space. Take a look at some of the tips from one of the top residential moving companies in Asheville, NC, Gasperson Moving and Storage:


    • Change Your Mindset – The first thing you need to do is change your mindset about living in a smaller home. After all, less space comes with benefits. For instance, there are fewer rooms to clean, decreased utility bills, and after decluttering, you stay more organized. As suggested by the best residential moving companies, focus on the positive.


    • Declutter – Next, you need to start decluttering. After setting up different boxes for trash, donating, and recycling, be honest with yourself about the things you need and want. Anything damaged, outgrown, outdated, or even duplicated should go. You can even make a little money if time allows by holding a garage sale. While this process is often difficult for some people, after you finish, it will leave you feeling rejuvenated and in control. Keep in mind that before going through this process, you should find out the dimensions of the rooms at your new home.


    • Packing – You can make the move to your new place easier with organized packing. In other words, keep items from the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and so on together. If you feel overwhelmed or have limited time, remember that reputable residential moving companies offer professional packing and unpacking services for a nominal price.


    • Furniture Disassembly – Often, smaller homes mean dealing with narrow hallways, staircases, and doorways, as well as low-hanging ceilings. If that is the case for your place, you will find it easier to move your furniture by disassembling everything possible. As with packing, the top residential moving companies provide a service for disassembling and reassembling items as well, saving you both time and effort.


    • Focus on Larger Pieces First – Another helpful tip when moving to a smaller home consists of focusing on the larger items first. Especially with limited room, you will find it easier to move small boxes around than appliances and furniture.


  • Vertical Space – Even in an extremely small house or apartment, you can take advantage of vertical space. For instance, instead of setting up a bookshelf that takes up an entire wall, consider adding vertical shelves for all your favorite books.

Tips For Moving With Small Children

House Movers in Asheville, NC

Tips for Moving with Small Children

Although you love your children to pieces, when it comes to moving, you need to factor in different things to make the process as easy for them as possible. After all, small kids do not understand everything that is going on, which, when combined with all of the chaos that comes with moving, can cause meltdowns. For a seamless move with your children, the following tips will help reduce stress and make the event more enjoyable.


    • Early Information – If your children are old enough, start talking about the upcoming move months out. Patiently answer questions and show them photos of their new home, as well as local parks and places they would love to visit. As the moving day approaches, they will feel less vulnerable.


    • Packing – Unless you use professional house movers to help with packing, get your children involved. Even toddlers can participate in this process. Set up boxes and have them place stuffed toys, clothing items, and other non-breakable things inside. Involving your kids will make them feel important, and it will help you by reducing the load of work on your plate.


    • Declutter – When your children are out of the house or while they are asleep, declutter their bedrooms. The goal is to eliminate anything they no longer use or want without them knowing. When hiring a reputable company with trained house movers, many offer recycling services. If you are moving to a smaller home, the same company can place boxes of items in storage until you decide what to do with them.


    • Comfort Bags – Whether you are driving or flying to your new home while the house movers transport your possessions prepare a “comfort bag” for each child. Include snacks, juice, a coloring book and crayons, books for reading, electronics, a favorite blanket or toy, and so on. In addition to making them feel comfortable while traveling to the new home, this will keep them busy.


  • Documentation – Also, before the house movers come to take your belongings away, prepare a packet that contains essential documentation for your children. Include things like birth certificates, immunization records, school records, and so on. Take these items and your important documentation with you as opposed to packing it for transport.


Professional House Movers in Asheville, NC
Gasperson Moving & Storage is a professional company with years of experience. We have a highly trained crew of expert movers willing and able to handle any job. We offer different services, all competitively priced. For a smooth moving process, we invite you to contact us today.

Full Service Movers for Fitness Equipment in Asheville, NC

Tips for Moving Fitness Equipment From Full Service Movers in Asheville, NC

At one time, only the rich and famous had personal workout rooms. Today, in-home gyms have become quite common. As more people strive to get into shape and maintain good health, they rely on all types of fitness equipment. However, moving this equipment is often challenging. Not only is the equipment heavy, but it can also be bulky. The best solution comes from reputable full service moving companies. However, if you decide to move everything yourself, the following tips will help.

Following Instructions:

When you buy fitness equipment, you should always keep the instructions and the original box. If you prefer to move the items as opposed to searching for reputable full service moving companies, take time to read the information provided by the manufacturer. That will tell you everything you need to know about handling the equipment in preparation for a move. If you do not have the instructions, you can either call the manufacturing company or look up the information online.

  •  Disassembly – The next step involves disassembling as many parts as possible. To keep things organized, work on just one piece of fitness equipment at a time. Also, place nuts, bolts, and other small components inside a zipped plastic bag, labeled with a waterproof marker. Then, use heavy-duty tape to attach the bags to their respective pieces of equipment. As you settle into your new home, you will have everything organized, making reassembly a breeze.
  •  Wrapping and Packaging – If possible, place fitness equipment back in its original box. That way, the item will fit snugly for optimal protection. However, if you already tossed the box out, you can use both bubble wrap and heavy moving blankets for wrapping. In this case, make sure you use either heavy-duty packaging tape, ropes, or bungee ties to keep the wrapping secure during transport.
  •  Secure Moving Parts – For fitness equipment with moving pedals, bars, and other components, secure them with packing tape or rope. The goal is to prevent anything from moving while loading the equipment onto the truck, during transit, and then again when you are unloading. Not only will that prevent any damage to the fitness equipment, but it will also enhance safety for the person handling the item.

Top Full Service Moving Companies

Fitness equipment is one of the more difficult things to move. To save time, effort, and possibly prevent injury or damage, it is worth using the services of one of the best full service moving companies where you live. At Gasperson Moving & Storage, an agent of North American Van Lines, we have a highly trained crew and cutting-edge equipment and tools to ensure a seamless move of your fitness equipment.