Moving Companies in Asheville, NC Share International Packing Tips

International Packing Tips from the Top Moving Companies in Ashville, NC

As you can imagine, relocating to a different country is much different than moving within the same city or state. Thankfully, some of the best moving companies have provided helpful international packing tips to streamline your upcoming relocation.

Keep in mind, when you hire one of the most respected moving companies, you can take advantage of its team of experts to assist with both packing and unpacking. However, if you prefer to handle the packing aspect of your move, the following information will help.

  • Start Early – While you might think you have plenty of time to worry about packing, time will sneak up on you quickly. For that reason, start creating a list and purchasing the supplies you need anywhere from two to three months in advance. By not rushing, you will experience less stress.
  • Quality Supplies – For an international move, boxes you find in a dumpster or retrieve from your local grocery store will not suffice. Instead, buy boxes, tape, and packing material from whichever one of the moving companies you hire. Strong corrugated boxes, heavy-duty tape, and quality packing materials will provide your possessions with optimum protection.
  • Cushioning Material – In addition to packing paper and bubble wrap, you can use all sorts of soft items for packing. As an example, sweatshirts, towels, blankets, pillows, and other household items work incredibly well. By using them, you require fewer boxes.
  • Electronics – Another excellent international packing tip offered by trusted moving companies is for electronics: Make sure you unhook all the cords. Place them in a plastic zippered bag, write the contents on the outside using a magic marker, and attach the bag to the back of the respective electronic with strong tape.
  • Use Space – Another way to reduce the number of boxes and containers you need is to place things like unbreakable kitchenware, books, and other miscellaneous items inside luggage, bathroom hampers, gym bags, and so on.
  • Make a List – For a streamlined process, start with a list of everything you plan to take on a room-by-room basis.
  • Label Your Boxes – As you pack, use a labeling system. For instance, if you have 12 boxes full of kitchen items, label the boxes K1 through K12. In addition, place a color-coded sticker on each of those boxes and one on your list next to “kitchen.” When your belongings arrive at your new home, the labels and stickers will confirm you received the correct number of boxes and which room they go in.

Moving and Storage Companies in Asheville, NC Share Home Staging Ideas

Moving and Storage Companies – Home Staging Ideas to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Are you planning to put your house on the market? Do you hope for a quick sale without needing to drop the price? An excellent way to accomplish your goal is with staging.

One important thing to remember: You need to stage both the interior and exterior of your home. Also, in anticipation of a fast sell, start looking for a reputable moving and storage company as soon as the “for sale” sign goes up.

  • Improve Curb Appeal – Depending on the season, you might plant some vibrant flowers and greenery. Make sure the house numbers are large enough to read, keep the lawn meticulous, wash the windows inside and out, and power wash the outside. If you see any stains or cracks on the driveway, walkway, or porch, fix them.
  • Create a Welcoming Aura – If you have a front porch, make it look and feel inviting to any potential buyers. Simple things, like nice outdoor furniture, potted flowers, and a new doormat, will go a long way.
  • Lighting – While most people look at homes during the daylight hours, some only have evening hours available to scout for a house. So, make sure you have good lighting.
  • Declutter – As expressed by one of the best moving and storage companies, you should rent a unit to store as much clutter as possible. Even personal photos can prove distracting. Focus on creating a lived-in, yet clean, environment.
  • Dress Up the Dining Room Table – A table runner and centerpiece on the dining room table will make the entire room more inviting.
  • Flooring – Regardless of the type of flooring you have, it is imperative you have it professionally cleaned.
  • Furniture Placement – Another tip from an excellent moving and storage company is if you have a relatively small house, you can make it appear larger by rearranging the furniture or putting a few pieces in storage.
  • Neutral Tones – If you have any dark or bold walls, repaint them a neutral color before putting your house on the market. The wrong colors can easily turn buyers off. Not only do they struggle to see their belongings in the house, but they recognize the amount of work involved to change the colors.
  • Cabinets and Closets – Smart buyers will open every closet and cabinet, so prepare. Take the time to pull excessive clothes, books, photos, and small decorative items out. Then, put the items into a rented storage unit.

Gasperson Offers Storage Solutions in Asheville, NC

Excellent Short-Term Storage Solutions in Asheville, NC

If you love decorating the interior and exterior of your home for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other holidays but have no available space to store your decorations, why not take advantage of off-site storage? With different sizes and types of units, a reputable facility has the perfect solution for an affordable price.

By keeping both holiday and seasonal items in storage, you can take them out whenever needed. When you are finished using them, put them back in the unit. Using a trusted facility, you can unclutter your garage, shed, basement, or attic, which allows you to use those areas of the home for their intended purposes.

In addition to holiday possessions you want to store, off-site storage is also ideal for winter clothes, sports equipment, boots, and tents. It is even useful for things like boats, Jet Skis, campers, trailers, RVs, and more. The key is to select a site that has the best solution for your specific needs while providing state-of-the-art security.

You want a facility with excellent lighting, 24-hour surveillance, perimeter fencing, and a coded keyless entry. That way, you can store whatever you want without worrying about someone stealing your belongings. Some facilities even have around-the-clock personnel.

For any items that are sensitive to cold, heat, or humidity, you can always go with a climate-controlled unit. For example, you can safely store electronics, leather jackets, and so on all year round. If you want, you can rent a larger unit than needed for your holiday and seasonal items and add other things that take up too much space at home.

When placing boxes and containers inside a storage unit, make sure to keep the items you use most close to the front, making access easier. Although an off-site facility is an excellent solution when moving or going through a remodeling project, remember that a storage unit has a lot more to offer.


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Reliable Movers in Asheville, NC with Tips on Moving Antiques

Moving Antiques and Fine Art

Regardless of the type of things you need to move, you want the best movers possible on the job. However, when it comes to antiques and fine art, your expectations increase. Due to the fragility and value of these goods, you need reliable movers on board, ideally those with years of experience and extensive training. As you research different companies, there are specific factors to consider.

Antiques and fine art require unique care. For a professional moving company to deliver these items without causing damage, it is imperative that you hire one that specializes in handling high-quality possessions. Even then, you want to gather information about the process so that you feel confident in hiring a particular company.

Tips From Gasperson’s Reliable Movers in Asheville, NC

  • Insurance – Before locking into a formal contract, confirm that the moving company has excellent insurance protection. For antiques and fine art, you want full-replacement value. That means instead of paying only a small percentage to replace the cost of damaged goods, the company would pay 100 percent. Keep in mind that for antiques and other high-end possessions, you should also contact your insurance provider to make sure you have adequate coverage, with or without protection from the movers.
  • Packing Materials – Ask the moving company about the types of materials it uses for expensive goods. Reliable movers have crates especially designed for antiques and artwork. They also use high-quality packing paper, bubble wrap, pads, straps, and other supplies for optimum protection.
  • Loading and Transporting – Even with your antiques and fine art carefully wrapped and crated, the right movers will follow strict company policy on loading and transporting these items. In other words, as reliable movers, they would rely on cutting-edge tools and equipment to put everything in the truck and then use straps to hold the pieces securely in place during transport.
  • Storage Solutions – If you need to place something in storage, the company you hire would either have a secure and safe warehouse facility or a partnership with a nationwide carrier that has one. Either way, during the time your antiques or fine art remains in storage, the items would have full protection.
  • On-Time Delivery – If you need high-end items delivered as part of a grand opening or special event, you need reliable movers who will ensure your delivery is on time.


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