Commercial Movers’ Ultimate Office Moving Checklist

Our Expert Commercial Movers in Asheville, NC Created this Office Moving Checklist

Gasperson Moving & Storage in Asheville, NC knows that when preparing to move your office, staying organized is key to your move’s success. Before you start to look for commercial movers, read this checklist and complete each step to save time and to make your move as efficient as possible.

  • Shared Moving Folder – A shared moving folder will help organize all your documents, quotes, contacts, schedules, and more during a move. Keep everything in one place.
  • Notify your Employees – Make sure your employees are informed and given a schedule of when they must pack and be ready to move. Meet face to face to go over moving and storage safety guidelines and to makes sure everyone is handling the changes well.
  • Office Walk Through – Take a walkthrough, both the old office and the new office, to check the inventory of your office. In your old office, with and without the commercial movers, take inventory and estimate costs by evaluating what furniture, equipment, and inventory you will be moving and what equipment it will take to do so. In the new office, make a floorplan and decide where everything will go in the new space. Pay attention to staircases or if there is an elevator you might have to book for the move-in day. Be sure to communicate with your commercial movers to tell them exactly what you expect during the move so they can give you an accurate quote.
  • Hiring Professional Movers – When looking at moving companies to hire, make a list of what a good moving and storage company is to you. Do you need the movers to pack, move, and deliver everything for you? What is their reputation, do they have insurance and are their estimates thorough? Take your time, get estimates from three different companies, ask for references, and pick who suits your needs the best.
  • Moving Day – Before the big day, make sure you call to reconfirm this day with your commercial movers. Assign an employee leader or be at the new location before the movers arrive.

With this checklist, you will be able to streamline the moving and storage process of your company. Plan ahead and keep track of all of the details to be ready for the move.


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