Professional Packers and Movers’ Advice on Moving Flat-Screen TV’s Safely

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Gasperson’s Professional Packers and Movers’ Top Tips on Safely Moving Flat-Screen TV’s in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

The big moving day is approaching. You have picked the most reliable service from your moving companies and have the keys to your new house. But you still need to prepare the items in your house such as the flat-screen TV for moving. Our professional packers and movers are here to share their top tips on how to properly prepare your flat-screen TV for a move.

  1. Remove Cords – Ready the TV for packing by removing all cords first. The remaining power cord should be wrapped up and secured with a rubber band or twist-tie. Do not let this cord hang loose because it may cause your or your movers to trip or fall, risking injury during the move.
  2. Remove Base or Mount – Remove the television’s base or remove the television’s mount. Pack these items separately from the screen.
  3. Use a Good Box – Hopefully, you still have the TV’s original box. If you do not, buy a box that is flat and the same size as your flatscreen to make sure it does not move around too much during the move.
  4. DO NOT STACK! – Make sure to keep the TV and box propped up during the move. DO NOT stack other boxes on top of the flat-screen TV’s box because this can damage or break the TV.

When planning for a move, look at your local moving companies and hire a moving and storage service that can handle these little details for you. Professionally trained, your belongings will be in good hands with professional packers and movers. Hard to move items such as your flat-screen TV is second nature to them. With this help, your flat-screen TV and other belongings will arrive at your new home safely.


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