Tips for Moving a Short Distance from Top North Carolina Movers

Tips for Moving a Short Distance from Top North Carolina Movers

Professional North Carolina Movers’ Tips for Moving a Short Distance in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

If you are planning an upcoming short-distance move, Gasperson Moving & Storage’s North Carolina movers want to share some of their favorite tips with you. It never hurts to prepare ahead of time, and that is our biggest recommendation. Small, short-distance moves still have their challenges and obstacles to accomplish, but with these tips in hand, you will be ready to go in no time.



You will need to purchase new boxes to begin packing and moving your belongings. Old boxes have a chance of breaking and damaging your items during the move, so it is important to replace these. If you have sturdy and reliable rubber ware containers and bins available, these are a great resource during your move. If you borrow anything from friends or family, make sure it is in good condition before use.


Plan What to Move

You don’t have to take everything with you. Consider your move a fresh start and see what items you can weed out of the group. Make two piles, one “to throw away” and another “to donate.” This will save you time and money because you won’t want to move anything you don’t need. Make sure everything you are taking with you will fit in your new space as well. Measure furniture, wall-hangings, and doorways to find everything’s a place in the new home or office.



Packing can be a lot of work, or it can be efficiently planned. Our North Carolina movers recommend prioritizing what you pack first. For example, if this is a residential move, keep a few dishes and silverware out until the night before the move for family meals. Keep your essential toiletries set aside too. Everything you need right up to the move is essential items that you can pack away at the very last minute.


From packing smart, measuring furniture, and getting the supplies you need, there is a lot to accomplish before the move begins. Get a head start and enjoy the experience with North Carolina movers. Ask your movers about their services and see how they can help make your move hassle-free.


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