What to Expect in Your Moving Estimate?

Tips on What to Expect in Your Moving Estimate in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

Tips on What to Expect in Your Moving Estimate in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

A moving estimate is a very important part of your upcoming move. Gasperson Moving & Storage’s movers in Asheville, NC have some advice to help you plan ahead and know what to expect from your moving estimate. It’s important to be organized on your side and to know what to expect when you receive the price of that estimate.


Moving Estimate Services

Hiring professional moving companies will provide you and your family, or office, with several services to pick for your move. It is important to know what you need. Do you need movers to pack everything for you or will you do it yourself? Do you need any special crating or packaging done for the safe transport of items such as antiques, fine art, and more? Knowing what you need or want to be completed will give you a more accurate estimate of cost since you know what services you will be charged for. You can also choose more services such as floor planners, designers, and logistics planners.


Moving Estimate Costs

To receive an accurate cost for your move, make sure everything you own and that is being moved is included in the estimate. Do not forget the items in storage, in your shed, barn, attic, or basement. A moving estimate also accounts for how many movers, drivers, trucks, and equipment are needed for your move. The weight of your belongings matters and all services are run on billable time to pay the people involved. You can choose if you would like to order protection for your valuables as well. Long distance estimates may be binding because they involve more people and resources. Small, local moves are not usually binding because they require fewer resources and workers.

With these tips, you will be ready to begin looking for moving and storage companies and planning for your moving estimate. Your moving estimate will not be a surprise with these facts and tips on hand.


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