Reducing Clutter Before a Move

Reducing Clutter Before a Move

Are you looking for tips on how to make your upcoming move less stressful? If so, start by eliminating as much clutter as possible. Whether you decide to sell, donate, recycle, or toss items out, decluttering in advance will reduce chaos and save you money. After all, the fewer things the household movers take to your new home, the less you will spend on professional moving services.

Selling Items

Approximately a month before your scheduled move, go through everything to identify items that you no longer want or need. When selling your possessions, you have several options, including a garage sale, swap and shop pages on Facebook, advertising through Craig’s List and other online services, and so on. To sell things quickly, keep the prices down or show flexibility when bartering with customers.

Charitable Donations

Another excellent way to de-stress and lighten your load before the household movers show up is to donate some of your belongings. Wait until you sell as much as possible, and then take the leftover items to an organization that accepts donations. You can also contact non-profit groups like the Salvation Army or a local thrift shop to have their drivers do a pick up at your current home. Make sure that you donate only usable items; toss out anything broken, damaged, or missing parts.


What makes recycling so appealing is that, in addition to eliminating unwanted possessions, you do something good for the environment. Because so many individuals and businesses now recycle, you can either take items to a recycling facility or locate a drop-off box close to where you live.

Throwing Things Away

As a last resort, toss out anything that you could not sell, donate, or recycle. For example, damaged children’s toys ripped or stained clothing, chipped vases, and so on have no value – so throw them away.

Streamlining Your Move

By taking these actions before your scheduled move, the household movers will have less to deal with, allowing them to work even faster. Without so much “stuff” lying around, packing becomes easier as well, whether you do it yourself or use the services of the moving company you hire.

For the best move of your life, you can trust the professional household movers from Gasperson Moving & Storage. Along with our many years of experience and expertise, as an agent of North American Van Lines, we have access to a broad range of resources. Call or visit our website today.

Tips for Moving a Senior Parent From Your Local Movers in Asheville

Tips for Moving a Senior Parent

You might have the sweetest parent on the planet, but when it comes to moving, you may see another side of this person. Especially when leaving a home after decades, relocating is often challenging. The physical process can also take a toll. Thanks to insight from Gasperson Moving & Storage, premier movers in Asheville, you and your parent will have a positive experience.

    • Honesty and Support – Whether moving to a smaller home, an assisted living facility, or your house, honesty is always the best policy. For an aging person, a move can cause anxiety and confusion. Being 100 percent honest and supportive will eliminate the stress caused by uncertainties.


    • Early Planning – While early planning is not always an option, if possible, start organizing your parent’s move as far out as possible. Rushing and last-minute decisions will make the process difficult. With excellent planning, you can expect the process to run smoothly.


    • Medical Professional – Make sure you have a new medical doctor lined up ahead of time. Start by asking for recommendations from the current physician. You can also use a free referral service. Gasperson’s movers in Asheville help your parent move to a different city or state, we want to make sure you are completely ready to move into your new place.


    • Downsize – You want your parent to take as many personal items as possible. However, this is also the perfect opportunity to downsize, and decluttering will reduce the cost of the move. Rather than toss items out, explain to your parent the benefits of donating, recycling, or handing things down to family members.


    • Storage Rental – If your senior parent insists on keeping most things, you could have a hard time making room in the new space. Instead of eliminating possessions, you can rent a storage unit from Gasperson. Not only does this company have the best movers in Asheville, it also has a state-of-the-art storage facility.


    • Eliminate Stress – While you may have multiple family members eager to help, to keep your parent calm and focused, you might want to limit the number of people involved. Especially when doing the packing, you want individuals who are responsible and hardworking.


  • Customized Services – You can eliminate stress and save time by having the professional movers in Asheville from Gasperson handle all the packing and unpacking. Along with high-quality materials and supplies, these professionals know how to pack to avoid damaging items. Through every step of the process, they will show you and your aging parent the utmost respect.

How to Save Money During a Move

Gasperson Moving and Storage is a premier company that offers both moving and storage services. With years of industry experience, the staff has witnessed almost everything. In response, they have become experts in every phase of the moving process. They can even tell you how to spend less on your move


Whether you need help with a residential or commercial move, the following tips will help save you money:


  • Hire the Right Movers – The best tip for saving money has to do with hiring the right movers. At Gasperson Moving & Storage, you will find affordable pricing for both standard and customized solutions. That means that you can take full advantage of everything this company offers yet stay within your budget.


  • Declutter – The more things the moving team loads and transports, the more expensive the move. For that reason, take time to go through cabinets, closets, and the garage,  to eliminate things that you no longer want or need. Along with tossing items out, pass things down to family members or friends, donate to a charitable organization, and recycle. Decluttering will reduce the cost of not only the move but also packing and unpacking services if you use them.


  • Quality Boxes – When packing and unpacking your goods, Gasperson Moving & Storage will provide all the required materials and supplies, including boxes. However, if you prefer to pack things yourself, visit local stores on the days they receive merchandise or check Dumpsters instead of buying. Make sure you select sturdy boxes void of stains, rips, or tears.


  • Utility Shutoff – Unfortunately, not all utility companies pro-rate shutoff dates. If you plan to move when the weather is warm, consider having the gas shut off according to the billing cycle. As a result, you avoid paying a full month for gas. You can do the same for electricity and water. Be sure to coordinate cleaning so that you get everything done ahead of time. Also, arrange to eat or take showers at a neighbor or friend’s home for a few days.


  • Insurance – Rather than settle for basic liability, opt for full replacement insurance protection with Gasperson Moving & Storage. With that, if the movers accidentally lose or damage an item, you can file a claim to have it replaced for what it would cost you today. With this reputable company, this add-on service is well worth the nominal investment.

How Can Climate Controlled Storage Help with My Spring Cleaning

Now that spring is here, like a lot of people, you are probably ready to start cleaning ceiling fans, baseboards, inside of cabinets, and so on. With spring cleaning, you end up with a home that sparkles from top to bottom. However, you end up with extra items you find that you want out of the house but not thrown away.

Protecting Your Goods

For many things, climate-controlled storage is the ideal solution. For instance, if you love collecting coins, stamps, vinyl records, vintage clothing, and other similar items, you can keep them in a storage unit that controls both the temperature and humidity. Due to the sensitivity of these and other possessions, a standard unit would not suffice. Without a climate-controlled unit, you could expect damage to your belongings.

Climate-controlled storage is perfect for a host of other things that you want to take off-site as part of your spring cleaning. As an example, this unique type of protects artwork, leather and wooden furniture, bottles of wine, electronics, and more. You can store virtually anything that needs a maintained temperature and humidity level in this kind of unit.

With the pricing so affordable, you always have the option of using the unit either short or long term.When looking for a quality place to store your belongings, make sure the facility you select meets specific criteria.

High Security

As an example, you want to select a storage facility with tall perimeter fencing, excellent illumination, coded access for both the gate and the building in which your unit resides, and a state-of-the-art surveillance system. For even greater peace of mind, choose a place with 24/7 on-site personnel.

With off-site storage, you have a secure way to keep your goods safe and ready to use or pass down to a friend or family member. Once you put items in storage and finish your spring cleaning, you can relax and enjoy the results of your hard work. Climate-controlled storage is an excellent solution for other situations, as well, including home downsizing or renovation.

Selecting a Superior Company

Although there are many storage facilities available, not all offer high-caliber services and affordable prices. At Gasperson Moving & Storage, we take extreme pride in providing our customers with everything they need. If you live in or near Asheville, NC, you can always count on us. For more information, we invite you to visit us online or call today.

Incredible Benefits of Warehouse Services in Asheville, NC

A professional moving company provides various services for commercial and industrial customers. As a supply chain partner for many industries, the right company also offers superior warehouse services that save customers time, effort, and money.


The right warehousing company either owns or partners with a facility that can accommodate almost anything. Whether you want to keep banquet tables, chairs, linens, and dishes off-site of your restaurant or you need a space to store extra inventory for your retail shop, warehouse services are a viable solution.

Multifaceted Services

Multifaceted warehouse services can accommodate the needs of every customer. For example, there is a loading dock that makes it easy for big trucks to load and unload goods. There is also a team of professionals who handle different responsibilities. With everything combined, you can focus on other pressing matters, knowing that experts are taking care of the warehouse aspect of your business.

For warehouse services, a team receives your goods, excluding anything hazardous or prohibited either by law or the facility itself. These individuals also perform a thorough inspection of each item, assemble things as needed, and then distribute or deliver your merchandise to the appropriate address. In other words, rather than just a storage space, warehouse services are all-inclusive.

Serving Different Industries

Today, a broad range of industries rely on warehouse services, including restaurants, hotels, retail stores, grocery stores, medical facilities, wineries, and more. Not only do the people at the warehouse facility have experience, but they also have extensive training. As a result, they know the correct way to handle different commodities to prevent damage. They also understand how critical it is to stay on schedule by working efficiently.

To understand how these services work, consider an appliance store that needs to keep hundreds of refrigerators, stove/oven units, microwaves, freezers, and other products off-site. Once the merchandise is delivered to the warehouse, an expert examines each piece to verify the condition. He or she then documents that information so that when something is delivered to the store or directly to a customer, it is still in pristine condition.

Although a reputable moving company provides conventional storage solutions, warehouse services are entirely different. For this type of service, it is imperative to be selective about the company you use. That way, you have peace of mind knowing your merchandise is safe and secure.

Transfer and Storage: Reputable Moving Companies

Many people believe that the only thing a moving company does is load boxes and deliver them to a new address. While that is part of the services a moving company can provide, reputable movers do much more. As an example, a trusted moving company offers both transfer and storage solutions.

Breaking down transfer and storage solutions will make it easier to understand how far a respected moving company is willing to go to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Transfer Services

As the name implies, transfer services entail moving your possessions from one location to another. Rather than having items transported as part of a typical move, this involves moving things around as needed. As an example, while you’re having your home renovated, you can put your furniture in storage. Then, if you are unsure of what you want to bring back into the house, you can only take a few items, leaving the rest at the storage facility.

After evaluating the situation, you can then decide if you want more pieces. The moving company will accommodate your request by transferring whatever you want as many times as needed. If at some point, you decide to donate the unused furniture, you can have the moving company transfer it from the storage facility to a charitable organization or the home of a family member or friend.

Storage Services

As you can see, transfer and storage services often go together – but not always. Whether you’re going through a divorce, experiencing the death of a loved one, downsizing to a smaller house, or decluttering your current home, a top moving company has a storage facility available for use. With competitive prices, you can have your belongings transferred to storage on the same day or on many trips over time.

Always select a moving company with experience and expertise. Also, if you need to put items in storage, make sure you consider movers that have a clean and secure facility. Along with that, make sure the company you choose has the type and caliber of units you need.

If you plan to put artwork, documents, leather or wood furniture, or anything else in storage affected by extreme temperature or humidity, you need a climate-controlled unit. If you need to store an RV, boat, trailer, or some other large item off-site, the facility should have a fenced-in perimeter for the best protection.

By selecting the right moving company, you will enjoy a seamless process regardless of your specific situation and needs.

Getting Professional Help with an Office Setup

Not only is the process of relocating an entire business challenging, but once everything is delivered, you then need to worry about the office setup aspect of the move. Especially if you have a larger company with multiple offices, you can imagine the amount of time it would take to accomplish that job. Instead of doing it yourself, you can rely on a professional moving company.

A common misconception about movers is that all they do is load boxes and transport them to a new location. The fact is that reputable companies offer a broad range of additional services that save time and effort and eliminate unnecessary stress. One of these is professional office setup.

Skilled Moving Teams

When you hire the right moving company, a representative will coordinate the type of help you need. For example, if you need assistance with disconnecting and reconnecting IT equipment, a team of specialists will handle everything quickly and efficiently. That way, you never have to worry about operational downtime. If you need help with moving expensive furniture, artwork, and other unique items, again, the company representative will ensure that you have the appropriate team.

As for an office setup, a crew of experienced experts will get everything packed up, loaded, and upon delivery, go to work to put each item in its proper place. That way, when your employees show up for work, they can dive right in rather than spending valuable time organizing their offices.

A Seamless Relocation

As part of professional office setup, everything goes where it should. That includes both large items like desks, filing cabinets, credenzas, chairs, and so on, as well as small things such as computer keyboards, desk lamps, and even trash cans. The goal is to have each office 100 percent organized and ready for the new workday.

However, there is another aspect of a professional office setup to consider. From the beginning, your point of contact at your moving company will help you get organized, answer questions, and provide guidance whenever needed. As a result, the entire move will go smoothly. All employees, whether they work from cubicles or offices, know ahead of time what their role is versus what the moving company will do.

For a seamless transition to your new building, it is essential that you hire a company with experience dealing with company relocations. In exchange, you can relax, knowing the work, including office setup, is in capable hands.

What Type of Services Does a Commercial Warehouse Provide?

When it comes to storage, there are two primary options. One involves a more conventional facility with individual units, while the other consists of a warehouse that commercial businesses use to store merchandise. While both provide incredible benefits, they serve different purposes. If you need a safe place to keep merchandise for your business, you need a commercial warehouse.

Conventional Storage Versus a Commercial Warehouse

The primary difference between the two is that a commercial warehouse is more than a building used for storing goods. With a personal storage facility, you lock items inside of a unit that you can access at any time. In comparison, a warehouse provides an all-inclusive service. That means that along with having a safe place to keep your merchandise, experienced and trained individuals perform a variety of actions.

When you use a reputable commercial warehouse, you will have confidence that experts will handle your merchandise with care and follow strict processes that ensure the best protection. For a trusted moving company to recommend one warehouse facility over another, you know that it has performed due diligence to guarantee the services will meet if not exceed your expectations.

Unique Services

Receiving goods is one service that a commercial warehouse can provide. When your merchandise arrives at the facility, a worker inspects each item to determine its condition. That documented information is then compared to how the same item comes to your store or the customer’s home or business. Not only does that process encourage warehouse workers to perform tasks correctly, but it also keeps them accountable and ensures customer satisfaction.

Workers at a commercial warehouse also provide assembly on your behalf. For instance, if you own a furniture store, tables that you sell would arrive at the facility in several boxes. At the warehouse, workers put the different pieces together. As a result, your customer receives a fully-assembled piece of furniture.

Delivery is another service that a commercial warehouse can provide. When you need more items for display at your store, you just have to contact the facility, which will have a driver delivery them to you. The warehouse workers follow the same process when you need merchandise delivered to a customer. For items going to a different city or state, the warehouse workers use a mode of transportation that you approve.

A commercial warehouse is part of the supply chain management that a reputable moving and storage company offers. For superior service, you always want to do business with a trusted company.

Moving into a New Home: Tips for a Smooth Transition

While moving into a new home is exciting, it can also be stressful, and if not well-planned, disastrous. If you have an upcoming move and want to know how to make the transition seamless, the following tips will help. Ultimately, you will experience less stress, and therefore, you’ll enjoy the process more.


Helpful Tips


Not only is moving into a new home life-changing, but it’s also a mixture of emotions. Take the stress out of the equation with these tips:


  • Checklist – Ask a representative at the moving company you hire for a moving checklist. With a box to check off for virtually every action, you will have no problem staying on task. Usually, a checklist covers a three-month period and includes things such as packing, contacting the utility companies, finding a new veterinarian for your pets, and just about everything else you can imagine. That way, nothing you won’t overlook anything.


  • New Door Locks – Especially when moving into a home someone else previously owned, install new locks on all the doors. Because you have no idea who has a spare key, this will provide peace of mind. To do the job yourself, take a photo of each door so that a salesperson at your local hardware store can help you choose the appropriate locks.


  • Clean House – Whether buying an existing or newly constructed house, hire a professional cleaning crew to get it move-in ready. That way, you can get to work unpacking, knowing that everything is spotless.


  • Painting – Instead of waiting to paint walls after moving into a new home, arrange for someone to finish this work ahead of time. Even if you need to hire an expert, applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls before the moving truck arrives will free up your time and dramatically reduce your stress level.


  • Appliances – When making an offer to buy a house, find out which appliances will stay. That way, if you need to purchase something, you have plenty of time for comparison shopping.


  • Window Treatments – Visit your new home during the day and at night so you can determine the amount of natural versus artificial light that filters inside. Based on your findings, you can look for bargains on the type of window treatments that you like but also those that will block out light and provide optimal privacy.


Hiring the right moving company and getting organized as far in advance as possible are the two most critical aspects of moving into a new home. Those things, combined with the provided tips, will ensure a smooth transition.

Why Are Some Logistics Companies Better Than Others?

Just like moving and storage, logistics companies are all unique in one way or another. While some excel in what they do, others fall short of the customers’ expectations. If you need help with a business relocation, it is essential that you hire the right professionals. That way, you will enjoy a streamlined process as opposed to one with a lot of chaos and stress.

One reason that some logistics companies are better than others has to do with experience. That is not saying that a relatively new company would do a lousy job, just that those with years in the business perform better. After all, experienced companies have weathered many storms and have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight that allows them to prevent problems before they arise.

When hiring a company for your business relocation, you should also expect excellent organization. Especially if the relocation involves employees, as well as a significant amount of equipment, furniture, and other tangible items, proper structure is critical. As part of that, the company will assign a point of contact to help with planning so that from the very beginning, things move in a positive direction.

Something else to consider is that the most reputable logistics companies rely on a top-of-the-line fleet, innovative tools and equipment, and a team of highly capable workers. With all that combined, relocations are smooth. Having access to what they need to perform at a high level makes all the difference in the world as to the outcome of the relocation.

When relocating overseas, reputable companies use not only their experience but also their professional connections. As a result, they can get your goods moved quickly and efficiently. As an example, instead of items getting stuck in customs, they follow all current rules and regulations to ensure there are no issues. Even if you need warehouse storage, the right company will arrange everything on your behalf while utilizing a convenient and safe location.

If you plan to relocate your business, consider all this so that, ultimately, you hire the best company for the job. Remember, some logistics companies make bold claims but then fail to deliver. Therefore, take time to read customer reviews, verify proper licensing and insurance, find companies that are Better Business Bureau certified, and so on. That will give you the assurance needed that your relocation will go according to plan.