Winter Moving Tips from Expert Packers and Movers

Packers and Movers Provide Advice for Moving During the Winter

When it comes to moving, most people prefer to do it during the spring and summer months when the weather is warmer and more predictable. This, of course, means that this is the peak time for most moving companies. Unfortunately, it is also the time when many moving companies charge more for the services of their packers and movers. Whether you are trying to keep your costs down or have no choice but to move during the winter months, Gasperson Moving & Storage has a few tips to make your move a little less stressful.

  • Choose the Right Moving Company – The most important tip we have is to make sure you choose a moving company whose team of packers and movers have the skill and experience needed to move your home during the winter months. This means dealing with things like icy roads and sidewalks, extreme cold, and limited daylight hours.
  • Be Sure You Confirm the Date – As your moving date comes closer, be sure you reach out to the moving company you choose. You need to confirm the date, but at the same time you need to work with the movers to create a backup plan with an alternative date, just in case the day you choose is forecasted to have a winter storm.
  • Protect Your Floor – Cover your floors with plastic to protect them from any snow, water, and dirt the packers and movers might bring in on their feet.
  • Turn the Heat Down – While you might want everyone to be warm during this time, the doors are going to be open and trying to heat the outside world is going to cost you a fortune.
  • Sidewalk and Driveways – If there are snow and ice on your sidewalks or driveway, be sure you shovel the snow off and use deicer to clear them, so they are safe for the movers to walk on.
  • Your Kids – If you have younger kids, have them stay with friends, family, a babysitter, or daycare while the packers and movers are working. This will help make things flow along smoothly and reduce the risk of injury or damage to your belongings or home.
  • Your Pets – Here again, if you have pets, be sure you find somewhere for them where they can stay where they will be warm and safe. This will keep them from getting in the way and causing problems and accidents.


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Tips from Local Movers About Moving During the Holidays

Asheville, NC’s Trusted Local Movers Offer Advice for Moving During the Holidays

For most families, the holidays are the happiest and the busiest time of the year. There is so much to be done. But when you have no choice but to move during this time, life can suddenly become overwhelming. No one wants to move, but should you suddenly have no say in the matter, local movers like Gasperson Moving & Storage offer these tips to help make your move during the holidays go more smoothly.

  • Plan Ahead – One of the most important tips local movers offer is to take your time and plan ahead for the move. If like most families, you are busy during the holidays, you need to look at your schedule to see when you are going to be busy. For example, if you have holiday parties or family events planned, you’ll need to plan around them. Be sure you allow a full two days to pack up your home.
  • Contact & Book Movers Early – Keep in mind that not all local movers are likely to be available at this time of year. Some are closed over the holiday for a couple of days, others may be open but on a reduced hours schedule. It’s essential that as soon as you know what days you need to move; you contact your local movers. This way you have a better chance of them being available on the day or days you plan to move.
  • You Can Still Enjoy the Festivities – Your move might make it hard to enjoy the holidays with your family, but this doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate them. You might need to change the day you observe them. By moving the day you celebrate back or forward, you and your family will be able to fully enjoy the time together. Of course, nothing says you can’t add to the fun by doing things like decorating the boxes, maybe have a local restaurant deliver a special meal, or take the time to go somewhere fun with your family.


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A Guide to Moving Seniors by Your Local Asheville Moving Company

The Leading Asheville Moving Company Provides Tips on Moving Seniors

Moving seniors has its own set of challenges, one that the best moving companies are aware of and are prepared to handle. You need an Asheville moving company that has years of experience helping seniors move. This type of move often involves downsizing into a smaller home, apartment, or assisted living facility. It could even be that your elderly parents are moving into your home. No matter where the move is going, Gasperson Moving & Storage offers these tips for moving seniors.

  • Get an Early Start – Organization is essential when helping a senior get ready for a move. If the person moving has mobility issues or other physical challenges, you need as much time as possible to plan the move and get ready for moving day. We recommend you start planning your move at least eight weeks before the big day.
  • Declutter – It can be hard to declutter and dispose of many of the items that have been accumulated over the course of many years. While many of these items have no real monetary value, they do have sentimental value. However, if you are moving or you are helping an elderly family member or friend move going through all these belongings is essential. This is the time to gently suggest they dispose of items there will be no room for in their (or your) new home.Be sure to keep those items that hold special sentimental memories. The excess can be donated to charities such as homeless shelters or possibly even sold. Be sure you focus on one room at a time to achieve this goal. Once done, you can pack everything yourself or let the professional packers handle it for you.
  • Hire Professional Movers – While there is certainly more than one Asheville moving company to choose from, many of them do not have experience in moving seniors. For this type of move, it’s critical that you hire professional movers such as Gasperson Moving & Storage who has the experience needed to make sure the move goes smoothly.
  • Keep a Positive Attitude – Remember to keep a positive attitude throughout the move. Keep focused on the many benefits of the move, especially if you are moving an elderly loved one into your home. Doing so will help your loved one overcome the feelings that come with the loss of a certain amount of independence.


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When the time comes to move an elderly loved one (or yourself), you need the best Asheville moving company for the job. Contact Gasperson Moving & Storage for your no-cost no-obligation moving quote today!

Office Movers Provide Tips for a Successful Office Move

Professional Office Movers Offer These Tips for a Successful Office Move

Are you thinking about moving your office without the help of a team of professional office movers? If so, take a few moments to look at the amount of work it takes to make sure your move will be successful. When you do, you might find the task is a bit more than you can handle. Whether you are moving a single-person office, or a company move involving dozens of workers, you need one of the best office moving companies in Asheville, NC for the job. No matter how large or small the move will be, it will still take a lot of hard work.

  • Choose the Right Moving Company – The most important step in a successful office move is to hire the right professional office movers for the job. It is essential to find a moving company that has plenty of experience in assisting offices move their place of business. They should have packers and movers with the training needed to move office equipment such as computers, printers, copiers, IT servers, and more.
  • Proper Planning is Essential – The only way to make your move successful is to have a complete plan of action that covers your move from start to finish. Of course, when you leave the hard work to a team of professional office movers you take most of the stress out of your move. They will assign an office move coordinator to you who will work with you to create your moving plan. The coordinator will stay in touch with you and your employees throughout the move to ensure they are kept in the loop.
  • Designate Employee Coordinators – If you are moving a corporate office, be sure you designate an employee from each department as a moving coordinator. They will be your liaison between you and the rest of the employees helping to keep them informed. This will help reduce everyone’s stress and keep the lines of communication open. Make use of your office intranet for messaging your employees via computer or mobile device to keep them informed.


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By following these tips, you can help reduce the stress of your move and keep disruptions to your business to a minimum. If you need assistance in planning your move and keeping it streamlined from start to finish, contact Gasperson Moving & Storage your local office movers today!

Professional Moving Companies Tips for Moving Out of State

Advice for Moving Out of State from Professional Moving Companies

Packing up your family and moving out of state brings with it a number of challenges not seen in a local move. When it comes to interstate moving, professional moving companies will typically spend a lot more time planning and organizing the move. Here are a few tips from the professional movers at Gasperson Moving & Storage in Asheville, NC that you can use to help simplify the moving process and reducing much of the stress that comes with this type of move.


  • Start with a Plan – Whether you use the moving checklist from your moving advisor at Gasperson Moving & Storage or a computer program, you must create a plan of action. All professional moving companies recommend using some form of checklist to ensure everything gets done in the proper order and that nothing is forgotten. Make sure you take care of things at your new home such as utilities, contacting the new school or schools about getting your children registered, and local nearby medical facilities. The more you get done ahead, the less stressful your move will be.
  • Create an Inventory – Take the time to create an inventory of everything the moving company will be transporting including photos of any expensive items being shipped. This way, if there is something damaged or missing, it will be much easier for you to file a successful claim.
  • Set Your Budget – Moving your family out of state can be very expensive, you need to create a budget that lets you know what you have to spend. It can also help you find places where you might be able to save money. When setting up your moving plans, prioritize those costly add-on services in order of importance.
  • Professional Moving Companies – One of the most important tips is to hire one of the best professional moving companies in town to pack and transport your household goods. Choose one that has experience in interstate moving, is licensed, bonded, insured and has an up to date DOT number displayed on their trucks.
  • Vehicle Transportation – If you are planning to have us transport your vehicle to your new home, it can take up to two weeks. Make sure you have some form of transportation set up for when you arrive and until your vehicle arrives.


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For more useful interstate moving tips, contact Gasperson Moving & Storage, one of the best professional moving companies in the greater Asheville, NC area.

Moving into Your First Apartment with the Best Movers in Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC’s Best Movers Provide Tips on Moving into Your First Apartment

There is nothing better than the feeling you get when you finally get your first apartment. It can be super exciting, but at the same time very stressful. It all starts with hours of searching for the perfect apartment, qualifying for it, and working with your new landlord to set up a move-in date. If you’ve managed to get this far in the process, you’re off to a good start. However, there are still a few things you can do to make the most of the experience in addition to working with professional moving companies.


Apartment Moving and Storage Tips

As one of the best movers in the Asheville, NC area, Gasperson Moving & Storage we’ve helped countless people move into their first apartment over the years. In that time, we’ve learned a few things that can help make your move go smoothly, here are a few of our favorite moving and storage tips.

  • Spend Some Time in Your New Apartment – Before you have us deliver your belongings, take some time out in your new apartment with a tape measure. Measure the rooms and spend a little extra time getting familiar with the layout. This will help give a better idea of where your furniture, bed, and other items are going to go. Doing this also helps ensure the furniture you plan to bring will actually fit comfortably. Take pictures you can review them after you return to your current home.
  • Get Everything Turned on Before You Move – When you were being shown the apartment, the landlord probably had them turned on. However, this doesn’t mean they will be on when you move in. Contact the necessary utilities and have them put in your name ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than having to spend your first night in your new apartment in the dark and with no water. Schedule your cable TV and internet installation for a day or two after you move in unless you absolutely must have them. If they’re working on the installation even the best movers are going to have a hard time. When you use Gasperson Moving & Storage we’ll give you a date and time when our movers will arrive, this will make it easier for you to schedule your cable installation accordingly.
  • Do Your Homework – Perhaps one of the most important things you can do to make moving into your first apartment go smoothly, is to choose the best movers for the job. Use the internet to read reviews about the companies you are considering, visit the Better Business Bureau website, and check their references. Make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.


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Once you contact one of the residential moving experts at Gasperson Moving & Storage, we work with you every step of your move to ensure everything goes smoothly. Contact us today to learn more about our services and why we are considered one of the best movers in Asheville, NC and the surrounding areas.

Comparing Moving Companies in Asheville, NC

How to Properly Compare Moving Companies in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

With so many moving companies to choose from, trying to find the right one for your move can be overwhelming. However, once you learn what to look for in a moving company in Asheville, NC, you can quickly find the one that right for your move. There are several things to look for in your search. At Gasperson Moving & Storage, we recommend that you compare the services offered by at least three of the top-rated companies in your area. Here are several aspects you should be looking at:

  • Longevity – Being in business for a long time, typically means that those movers have plenty of experience that they use to continuously improve their services based on their experience.
  • Their Reputation – look at what others have to say about the companies you are considering online. These reviews can be an excellent indicator of the level and quality of service they offer. Spend a little time doing this and it should pay off with a moving company you can trust to get the job done.
  • Binding Estimates – be sure you ask each company to provide you with an estimate for your move. The best moving companies will send a professional estimator to your home to ensure you get an accurate quote. Be sure you choose companies that offer no-cost, no-obligation estimates and that the estimate you receive is binding. This ensures the price they quote will be the price you pay. Allow for slight variances, up or down, once your goods have been delivered.
  • The Right Services – some companies offer little more than the transportation of your goods from one place to another. Others like Gasperson Moving & Storage offer a diverse array of services that can be customized to meet your needs.

These services might include:

      • Packing/Unpacking
      • Vehicle Transportation
      • Installing Your Furniture
      • Crafting Custom Crates for bulky and heavy items
      • And many more
  • Communication and Interaction – finding a moving company that treats you with respect and keeps the lines of communication open is vital. We assign a professional moving specialist who will be with you every step of the way.
  • Insurance Options – while most moving companies have basic insurance, you should be looking for one you can purchase “full replacement” insurance. This type of insurance covers the repair or replacement of any item damaged during your move.


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If you put these suggestions to work for you as you search for the perfect moving company, you should have no problem finding the right team of professional movers. Contact the experts at Gasperson Moving & Storage if you have any questions about your move or would like a free moving quote.

International Packing Tips from Professional Movers

Professional Movers in Asheville, NC Provide International Packing Tips

When you are moving out of the country, how you pack your belongings can and will make a huge difference in the condition they arrive at your new home in. As an agent for North American Van Lines, the professional international movers at Gasperson Moving & Storage want to help make this happen for you. Of all the tips we have for you, the best one we have is to work with professional moving companies to do the packing for you. You might also consider letting them help with unpacking at the other end of your move. Our team of professional packers has the skills, experience, and supplies to pack your house effectively and efficiently.


Understand Customs Regulations

Customs requirements are different in every country, but you can count on the professional movers at Gasperson Moving & Storage to stay abreast of the latest changes in international laws and regulations. It doesn’t take much to run afoul of customs in many countries. Doing so could delay the arrival of your goods, they could be seized, and you could receive a healthy fine.

Leave things like firearms, live plants, medications, and alcohol behind. You should also leave any materials that could be considered politically sensitive behind. If you are charged duty fees on anything, be sure you hang onto the receipt, you may be eligible for a refund when you move out of the country.


Use Professional Packing Services

Once again, we would like to remind you that the best way to ensure everything arrives intact is to let our professional movers and packers take care of packing your home for the trip. They use new boxes and packing materials, including packing paper to individually wrap glassware, china, and crystal before it is placed in a box. The boxes will be taped top and bottom as well as completely around the box perpendicular to the seams for added security.

All boxes will be labeled with the name of the room they came from and what’s in them. We roll and wrap any rugs and carpets, disassemble furniture as needed, putting the hardware in individual plastic bags that are secured to the appropriate piece. If you are shipping large items and appliances, they will be wrapped with moving blankets to keep them from being damaged on the journey.


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Whether you are shipping your entire household or just the necessities, you need everything to arrive on time and undamaged. This takes a team of professional movers with experience in international moves. Contact the pros at Gasperson Moving & Storage today and let’s get started!

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Suggested Housewarming Gifts from One of Asheville, NC’s Top Moving and Storage Companies

If you have friends or family moving to a new home and they have yet which of the many moving and storage companies to choose, be sure you recommend Gasperson Moving & Storage to them. As a trusted and respected moving and storage company, we bring years of experience, superior services, and budget-friendly prices to the table. Our professional movers help streamline the moving process for families.


Great Housewarming Gift Ideas

When you have family or friends moving to a new home, there is nothing better than throwing a housewarming party for them. Talk to them about dates and choose one that works best for them. Typically, this should be after their choice of moving and storage companies has delivered their household goods and they have had a chance to get settled in. Be sure you ask them for a list of handy items they could use for their new home. If they don’t have many ideas, we have created a few for you:

  • Potted Plants – There is nothing quite like beautiful potted plants as housewarming gifts. Alternatively, you could buy them a few succulents that can be put in windows or out on the deck.
  • A Family Sign – Choose a sign material that matches the outside of their new home and have their name put on it. Carved wood is perfect for country houses while etched metal signs look better on a contemporary or traditional home.
  • Tea or Coffee – Create a small tea or coffee sampler with a variety of flavors and styles such as Earl Gray, White Ambrosia, Chamomile, French Roast, and so forth that they can use anytime.
  • Olive Oil – Large bottles of olive oil look great sitting on a kitchen counter and will ensure they think of you each time they cook with the oil.
  • Coffee Mugs – Grab a couple of coffee mugs, a couple of different flavors of coffee beans, and an electric grinder. This way you will be on their mind every time they make their morning coffee.
  • Candles – Candles are among the most common housewarming gifts, be sure to ask about their favorite scents.


Contact Gasperson Moving & Storage

Even after hiring one of the best moving companies, many people still find it difficult to move. Hosting a housewarming party complete with snacks and gifts can go a long way towards helping them settle in. For more ideas, contact Gasperson Moving & Storage, our agents are full of great ideas.

Relocating for a New Job

Tips from One of the Best Relocation Companies in Asheville, NC

Any move can be stressful, but when you are relocating far from your current home can be even more challenging. The stress can be caused by the move alone, the fact you are starting a new job, or both. Whether your move is across town, country, or to the other side of the planet, combining it with starting a new job can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Here are a few tips from some of the best relocation companies such as Gasperson Moving & Storage to help keep your stress levels under control.

  1. Hire one of the best relocation companies you can to take care of packing and moving your household goods. They have the skills and knowledge needed to answer your questions and make sure you enjoy a seamless and stress-free move.
  2. Most moving companies offer a downloadable moving checklist of things you need to take care of. Be sure you print a checklist and make use of it. If your new job starts the day after you arrive in town, let the pros take care of the moving for you. This should give you time to take care of things like turning on the utilities, arranging for childcare, and getting to know where things like stores, restaurants, schools, and healthcare facilities can be found.
  3. Time is always of the essence, and if you are moving on a tight timeline, you need help from one of the best moving companies you can find. Gasperson Moving & Storage can help keep you on track to start your new job with packing and unpacking services to save time and provide superior moving services to protect your belongings. We also offer disassembly and reassembly service for things like furniture and fitness equipment. Why struggle with the details when we can take care of them for you?
  4. Imagine how nice it would be to arrive at your new home to find everything has been unloaded, unpacked, and put in its proper place. This will give you the time you need to spend with your family and relax and get a good night’s sleep. This way you will wake up refreshed, and ready to head off to your new job.


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As one of the best relocation companies in the nation and an agent of North American Van Lines, the expert movers at Gasperson Moving & Storage can help you with your next move, no matter where it takes you. For more information, contact Gasperson Moving & Storage and let us create a custom moving and storage plan for you.