Green Moving: Tips to Ensure an Eco-Friendly Move

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Thanks to increased public awareness and specially designed programs, a significant number of individuals and businesses now follow environmentally friendly practices and choose green services. A perfect example is that both residential and commercial customers can make choices to ensure an eco-friendly move. Follow the tips listed below to make your next move “green.”

  • Use Existing Materials – Instead of buying boxes and packing material, use what you have on hand. You can place all types of belongings inside things like plastic tubs, luggage, clothes hampers, gym bags, dresser drawers, grocery totes, and more. By using towels, sweatshirts, blankets, sweaters, and other soft materials, you can wrap your belongings for optimum protection. If you prefer boxes and know that you will move within the next 6-12 months, hang onto boxes you receive from items ordered online. You can then use those for packing. For new boxes, some of the top moving and storage companies sell recycled products.
  • Donate and Recycle – The best time to declutter is right before moving. For an eco-friendly move, go through everything, closets, cabinets, drawers, the attic, an outdoor shed, and make a pile of things that you can donate to a charitable organization or recycle. If you have time, you could also hold a garage sale.
  • Save the Kitchen for Last – Whether you do the packing or you use the services of a professional moving company, focus on the kitchen last. You can use existing plates, cups, bowls, and utensils instead of buying plastic or paper products to get by until you unpack all your things at the new address.
  • Be More Efficient – When moving locally, be as efficient as possible when loading the truck or vehicles. The fewer trips you make back and forth between the two locations the less pollution.
  • Choose a Green Moving Company – In response to the growing demand for eco-friendly moves, reputable moving companies offer green services. In addition to recycled boxes and packing material, these companies have a fleet of trucks that run on biodiesel fuel as opposed to gasoline.


Offering Eco-Friendly Moves

Serving customers in and around the Asheville community, the staff at Gasperson Moving & Storage makes every effort possible to provide environmentally friendly solutions. For your upcoming residential or commercial move, we would love the opportunity to assist. For more information about our services, you can visit our website or call to speak directly with a company representative.

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