How to Find an Affordable Moving and Storage Company in Asheville, NC

Moving and Storage Company in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

Professional Movers’ Tips on How to Find an Affordable Moving and Storage Company in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

There are many details in a move that affect the overall price. The items you are moving, the size of certain items, the volume, and more all effect the price. How far you move, what services you need all can streamline your move but make your budget tight. Let’s look at what ways you can save on a move all while working with a reputable moving and storage company.


Scheduling Your Moving Day

When would you like to move? Depending on the time of year, different days of the weeks and months are more expensive than others. For example, summertime is the peak season when most moves are completed, making it harder to get on the schedule and prices will go higher. If you move during a weekday or wait for a slower and cooler season like the spring or fall time, your costs can be lower.


How Much You Move

The more items you move, the more your move will cost. Take this time to go through and get rid of or donate some belongings so you don’t have to pay to move them! If you are moving a long-distance, your price will be higher than a local move so try to get that volume down if possible.


Moving Your Items

How accessible is your home? If you live in an apartment, is there an elevator available? Is it a long distance to the driveway? These things can increase the price of your move due to the overall accessibility. Be sure to think of this as you hire professional movers. In the same strain of thought, packing and unpacking is an additional service movers can complete for you. But if you have the time, you can get this done on your own.

See how you can make your move more affordable and still convenient. A moving and storage company will provide customizable services to help you all the way. See how you can create your move and enjoy your new home or office in no time.


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