Professional Packers and Movers Talk About Items Commonly Damaged During a Move

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Packing Advice from Professional Packers and Movers for Items that are Commonly Damaged During a Move

The professional packers and movers at Gasperson Moving and Storage recommend planning most aspects of your move to save time and avoid setbacks. But when it comes to transporting delicate items across long distances, even the best-laid plans may have flaws. Without proper care and attention, fragile items are likely to break. Here’s how you can prevent your belongings from breaking in transit.

  • Glass – Glassware is the most likely item to break while moving. One layer of newspaper won’t cut it if your plates are placed under multiple boxes. Prevent cracks and shatters by padding glass items on all sides with multiple layers of bubble wrap, then fill in the void spaces with crumpled newspaper. Keeping breakable items secure is essential. Transporting extra delicate items? Our attentive team can safely transport high-value glassware.
  • Furniture – Although your fixtures might seem sturdy, the odd shapes and sizes of furniture can cause them to break during loading or delivery without proper care. Before moving day, remove all drawers and contents, as well as detachable parts. Pack these in labeled boxes so you know which item they belong to once you arrive. We can help you wrap the furniture in heavy-duty moving pads before we return them to you in perfect condition.
  • Electronics – Because of their potential for damage, the best professional packers and movers pay close attention to electronic devices. Secure electronics in their original or similar-sized boxes and pad them with bubble wrap with all sides. Detach all cords and cables and tape shut and moving parts. Fill the void areas with packing paper, towels, or shirts.
  • Artwork – Don’t leave your artwork out to dry! Canvases can be torn, and frames may be smashed on contacts if not packed properly. Start by assessing whether or not your art can be layered in a large box or if larger pieces need to be moved in a crate. If the artwork has glass, remember to remove it before wrapping each item in bubble wrap.
  • Lampshades – Most people don’t suspect their lampshades will be damaged during a move, but due to their odd shape and delicate constitution, dents and tears are common. After finding the right sized box, lay a shirt or towel above and below the lampshade for an extra layer of protection.


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