Safety Tips for Moving and Storage in Asheville, NC

Safety Tips for Moving and Storage in Asheville, NC

Professional Moving and Storage Safety Tips in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

Moving can bring a number of uncertainties into your life from changing location, losing items, creating stress-inducing situations, expenses, and more. In this blog, Gasperson Moving & Storage will share some of our safety tips for moving and storage in Asheville, NC.

From dressing properly, hiring reliable movers, and planning ahead for the move, there is a lot to do before the big moving day. Here are some tips about moving and storage in Asheville, NC, that can help you move safely during the big day. Rushing the move, not securing a clean pathway, lifting more than you should, or lifting incorrectly can all lead to injuries and accidents.

  1. Wear good shoes and dress appropriately.
  2. Measure furniture ahead of time so you know what will fit in your new home.
  3. Lift with your legs, not your back, and do not bend while lifting.
  4. Use proper packing material and new boxes.
  5. Double tape cardboard boxes to use.
  6. Do not overpack boxes or put in too many heavy items.
  7. Use moving equipment for large appliances and furniture.
  8. Keep kids and pets away from moving and packing.
  9. Prepare for the weather.
  10. Don’t carry heavy loads or overexert yourself.
  11. Hire insured and licensed movers.
  12. Clear pathways to and from moving trucks.
  13. Keep all belongings off the ground to avoid tripping hazards.
  14. Plan out how you will move furniture and in what order.
  15. Ask for help!

A move can bring the risk of several challenges and dangers to you and your family if left unplanned. Take your time completing estimates with professional movers and read those reviews online. Good movers can make a huge difference in your moving and storage experience today so look forward to those results.


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