A Local Moving and Storage Checklist

Local Moving and Storage Checklist in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

Moving Tips with a Local Moving and Storage Checklist in Asheville, NC & Surrounding Areas

Checklists are a great way to make sure your move is on track and that you haven’t forgotten anything as you plan for your move. Here is a checklist of tasks you need to accomplish to plan your move.


Create Your Local Moving and Storage Plan

Moving without planning can cause a lot of trouble from rushing, damaging items, and stressing out your schedule. Take time to look ahead and proactively research local moving companies to see how you can plan your move. This leads to the question—do you need to hire movers, or will you move DIY? Professional movers can help streamline the process and come with minimal risk while moving DIY allows you to control your schedule, but everything will be completed on your own.



As you meet with local moving and storage companies on estimates, ask to see how much they charge for a move. Moves are calculated on billable time, distance, the weight of belongings, and more. You can compare the cost of moving locally to what it would cost moving DIY as well to get a view of the professional services’ value.


Find the Best Movers for You

After your local moving and storage estimates are completed, you should pick the company that presented clear moving and storage plans, estimates, and costs. You will want movers who are eager to help and work alongside your goals and preferences.


Create a Timeline

Once your movers are picked out, make a timeline to know when the packing begins, when the move-in and move-out day is, and more. Give yourself extra time to call the utilities, notify the bank, post office, and more. If you have kids, you will need time ahead to enroll them in a new school.

Looking for the right movers, budgeting, and working by a timeline is an ideal checklist to complete your move by. See how you can make your move more efficient with these tips. Start planning today and enjoy the results of your move in no time.


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