Ways to Simplify Moving with Pets

Tips from Gasperson Moving & Storage About Moving with Pets

If you own one or more dogs, cats, birds, or reptiles, it is imperative that you do the right things to ensure their health and safety while moving. The fact is that when moving with pets, most people experience several challenges. Thanks to advice provided by Gasperson Moving & Storage, an industry leader with years of experience, you can enjoy your upcoming relocation as opposed to dreading it.


For starters, make sure your pets are up-to-date on all their vaccinations. Not only will that help protect them while traveling but it will also reduce your stress of trying to find a veterinarian close to your new home. While at the vet, have your animals checked for any health-related problems so you can address them before you head out on the road.


Another excellent piece of advice from Gasperson Moving & Storage is that whether you do the packing or have their qualified team assist, put your animals in a quiet room away from all the activity. Cats and dogs, in particular, have keen senses, meaning they know when something out-of-the-ordinary is happening. By separating them while you get everything in order will keep them calm.


Just as for humans, safety is paramount when moving with pets. If you decide to keep your cats or dogs in a crate, be sure to secure it firmly in place. Otherwise, always tether them. That way, if an accident occurs, they have no chance to run when first responders open the doors. As for reptiles, you can slide their cage or aquarium inside a larger crate, again securing it. For birds, do the same thing but also, cover the cage with a light cloth to prevent them from becoming stressed.

Settling In

After arriving at your new house, Gasperson Moving & Storage strongly recommends that you keep your animals on a leash or in a crate until inside. Then, find a quiet room where you can close the door to allow them to acclimate. For added comfort, provide them with a favorite toy, along with food and water. Because they are in unfamiliar territory, you need to maintain control of them while they explore outside, especially for the first few weeks. Otherwise, your pets might run off.

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