How to Save Money During a Move

Gasperson Moving and Storage is a premier company that offers both moving and storage services. With years of industry experience, the staff has witnessed almost everything. In response, they have become experts in every phase of the moving process. They can even tell you how to spend less on your move


Whether you need help with a residential or commercial move, the following tips will help save you money:


  • Hire the Right Movers – The best tip for saving money has to do with hiring the right movers. At Gasperson Moving & Storage, you will find affordable pricing for both standard and customized solutions. That means that you can take full advantage of everything this company offers yet stay within your budget.


  • Declutter – The more things the moving team loads and transports, the more expensive the move. For that reason, take time to go through cabinets, closets, and the garage,  to eliminate things that you no longer want or need. Along with tossing items out, pass things down to family members or friends, donate to a charitable organization, and recycle. Decluttering will reduce the cost of not only the move but also packing and unpacking services if you use them.


  • Quality Boxes – When packing and unpacking your goods, Gasperson Moving & Storage will provide all the required materials and supplies, including boxes. However, if you prefer to pack things yourself, visit local stores on the days they receive merchandise or check Dumpsters instead of buying. Make sure you select sturdy boxes void of stains, rips, or tears.


  • Utility Shutoff – Unfortunately, not all utility companies pro-rate shutoff dates. If you plan to move when the weather is warm, consider having the gas shut off according to the billing cycle. As a result, you avoid paying a full month for gas. You can do the same for electricity and water. Be sure to coordinate cleaning so that you get everything done ahead of time. Also, arrange to eat or take showers at a neighbor or friend’s home for a few days.


  • Insurance – Rather than settle for basic liability, opt for full replacement insurance protection with Gasperson Moving & Storage. With that, if the movers accidentally lose or damage an item, you can file a claim to have it replaced for what it would cost you today. With this reputable company, this add-on service is well worth the nominal investment.

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