Tips for Moving a Senior Parent From Your Local Movers in Asheville

Tips for Moving a Senior Parent

You might have the sweetest parent on the planet, but when it comes to moving, you may see another side of this person. Especially when leaving a home after decades, relocating is often challenging. The physical process can also take a toll. Thanks to insight from Gasperson Moving & Storage, premier movers in Asheville, you and your parent will have a positive experience.

    • Honesty and Support – Whether moving to a smaller home, an assisted living facility, or your house, honesty is always the best policy. For an aging person, a move can cause anxiety and confusion. Being 100 percent honest and supportive will eliminate the stress caused by uncertainties.


    • Early Planning – While early planning is not always an option, if possible, start organizing your parent’s move as far out as possible. Rushing and last-minute decisions will make the process difficult. With excellent planning, you can expect the process to run smoothly.


    • Medical Professional – Make sure you have a new medical doctor lined up ahead of time. Start by asking for recommendations from the current physician. You can also use a free referral service. Gasperson’s movers in Asheville help your parent move to a different city or state, we want to make sure you are completely ready to move into your new place.


    • Downsize – You want your parent to take as many personal items as possible. However, this is also the perfect opportunity to downsize, and decluttering will reduce the cost of the move. Rather than toss items out, explain to your parent the benefits of donating, recycling, or handing things down to family members.


    • Storage Rental – If your senior parent insists on keeping most things, you could have a hard time making room in the new space. Instead of eliminating possessions, you can rent a storage unit from Gasperson. Not only does this company have the best movers in Asheville, it also has a state-of-the-art storage facility.


    • Eliminate Stress – While you may have multiple family members eager to help, to keep your parent calm and focused, you might want to limit the number of people involved. Especially when doing the packing, you want individuals who are responsible and hardworking.


  • Customized Services – You can eliminate stress and save time by having the professional movers in Asheville from Gasperson handle all the packing and unpacking. Along with high-quality materials and supplies, these professionals know how to pack to avoid damaging items. Through every step of the process, they will show you and your aging parent the utmost respect.

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