Moving Safely: How to Avoid Injuries

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Moving Safely: How to Avoid Injuries – Tips from your local Gasperson furniture movers

There are two primary reasons for hiring professional furniture movers: First, they know what they are doing; because of that, they work quickly and efficiently. Second, as experts, there is less risk of someone sustaining an injury. Especially if you have heavy or oversized pieces, moving without professional assistance makes the process more difficult and potentially dangerous.

The Versatility of Furniture Movers

Before discussing ways to move furniture while avoiding injuries, consider the versatility these experts offer. For instance, they move pieces from one location to another for both residential and commercial customers. They disassemble, reassemble, and install furniture as needed, Also, if you order new furniture from a store, the movers can pick it up and deliver it on your behalf.

Safety Tips

To ensure your and your family’s safety, as well as that of your belongings, start by using professional furniture movers associated with a reputable moving company; that way, you know they have experience and extensive training. These experts also have proper licensing, bonding, and insurance. If an item sustains damage or a worker an injury, liability falls back on the moving company as opposed to your renter or homeowner’s insurance.


Whether moving furniture yourself or hiring professional furniture movers, the following safety measures are essential:


  • Gear – It is imperative to wear proper gear when moving furniture, including are steel-toed work boots, heavy-duty gloves, and a waist belt to prevent back injuries.


  • Equipment – Using the right equipment will dramatically reduce any risk of injury. As an example, a furniture dolly, flat carts, forearm forklift, hydraulic wheels, furniture glides, and either a stand-up dolly or mechanical lift are critical when loading items onto the moving truck.


  • Assistance – Anything heavy or oversized requires at least two people. As an example, there should be two to three people moving a sofa, depending on its length and weight. Trying to load and unload something without assistance is a recipe for disaster.


  • Posture – Always bend from the knees when lifting furniture. In other words, rather than using your back, bend at the knees so your legs do most of the work.


  • Straps – When using dollies, it is essential to first strap the furniture piece securely in place; otherwise, one misstep could cause the item to shift and fall. Not only would that cause damage to the furniture, but as the individual tries to prevent the accident, there is an excellent chance of twisting the back or pulling a muscle.


Reputable Furniture Movers

Regardless of your situation, at Gasperson Moving & Storage, we employ incredibly talented movers. We invite you to visit our website or call to speak with a representative about your specific needs.

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